Never Knew How I Felt

A story I wrote about Bullying just because I wanted everyone to know Bullying hurts and trust me I know.Jane has started a new school been bullied by Neptune and her gang.Just because she's not slim,perfect,pretty or popular.No one helps her no one cares they ignore her or laugh at her.The don't know how she feels.Two points of view from Jane and Neptune.PS.Stop Bullying it hurts.


1. Jane


I walked through the school looking around it was a big school big enough to get lost. I looked at a girl with pretty blonde hair giggling to her mates.


"Excuse me, do you know where the main office is” I asked. The girl gave me a dirty look and laughed. The girls behind her laughed then stopped.

"Look, girls we have a new weirdo” The blonde girl shouted.

"Um.Do you know where the main office is” I asked.

"Yes up my butt” The blonde girl shouted. I looked at her confused.

"She's joking you freak, you can't talk to her by the way she's Neptune popular whatever your name weird girl” Her friend exclaimed.

"I'm Jane and this is a free country I can talk to anyone I want” I replied that's when I knew it was the wrong answer they looked at me angrily.

"Look girls this is our high schools and we rule it now Jane. Jane what kind of name is Jane it’s an old granny name” Neptune laughed.

"It's my grandmother name” I reply back.

"The name is old as the person” Neptune laughed.

"Shut up, Leave me alone” I shouted.

"What did you say twerp” Neptune asked.

"Nothing” I mumbled.

"No I heard you twerp” Neptune shouted taking the glasses off my face and throwing it on the floor.


I watched as she stood on the glasses its frame breaking and the glass breaking into a million pieces. I started to cry my mum had to earn 3 months wages to buy me glasses she was going to get angry.

"Look girl, she’s crying next time it’s your face that will be broken” Neptune shrieked walking off to her friends. I lay on the floor and cried the tears flowing out of my face.

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