Top Authors!

Every time i feel like it I will add a new chapter to some of my personal favourite authors :D


7. xxxMaryEllenxxx

Howdy peeps, it's Peace & Donuts here once again (your probably getting sick of me, sorry lol)

Anyway, my top author for today is xxxMaryEllenxxx!!! This amazing girl is multi-talented, she is an epic writer (6 movellas, including 2 co-authors), but she also does acting and singing! (If you ask her she'll probably give you the link to her singing, she's really good!)
But anyway, as this is Top Authors, not Top Singers, I'd better get on with saying about her movellas...
Her most successful movella is Longing For Perfection, it's in flashbacks and is about Rachel telling her boyfriend why she turned to self-harming. She is bullied at school, ignored at home, will Rachel be ok in the end? You will just have to read to find out...

Her other, new and rapidly increasing in popularity, main movella is Took a minute, boy. To steal my heart tonight. It is a One Direction fan-fic - Maryellen is a huge directioner - and it is about Niall's best friend and him, and the feelings that gradually form... It's a great story, unfinished at the moment, read it!

Peace out!! :D
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