Top Authors!

Every time i feel like it I will add a new chapter to some of my personal favourite authors :D


3. Wagonwheels12

Peace & Donuts here ;)

(One of) my top authors is wagonwheels12 - this girl is awesome! She's pretty new, but already she's got 9 likes on her main story; 'Think you know me, You don't '. I don't know about you, but when any of my movellas were only a couple of days old, I didn't have that many likes!

'Think you know me, You don't' is about Anna, a 16 year old girl who moves from America to England. The beautiful and clever Anna is bullied by her ruthless classmates, but she keeps her head held high. She has a dark secret, and she can't afford for anyone to know it. This is all going well, until new boy Jay turns up...

Overall, it is a good, fast paced movella worth taking a look at, read it now! Or I will eat you!!
Jokes about the last bit, but it definitely is a good story :D Link below

*I've never done a top author thing before, so I hope this is ok for you guys!! P&D :)*

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