Top Authors!

Every time i feel like it I will add a new chapter to some of my personal favourite authors :D


5. Peace & Donuts

Hiya! Caitybunny here, and, as always, I have another great writer :D

Peace & Donuts has to be my most favourite author of all time,

Making her way into my favourites list, is Peace's movella,

Don't change

I am still eagerly awaiting new chapters, and I know the next chapter won't disappoint!

The movella Don't change has an astonishing amount of views, which are still counting up at this second!

The amounts of likes and favourites are amazing and I am so pleased for the positive feed back for such a great Idea for a Movella. Clearly Peace & Donuts has got all readers hooked on there movella.

Don't Change is about a teenage girl called Maya, with two crushes, Dan and Alex. Dan is popular, and Alex is the boy-next-door. But Maya is the nerd, the geek, the ugly. Then she gets a make-over, and everything changes....

Read the movella to find out more!


Love you Peace! without you a lot of this book wouldn't be here, and I'm so grateful :D

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