Top Authors!

Every time i feel like it I will add a new chapter to some of my personal favourite authors :D


11. mangapie

Hi everyone! caitybunny here, and as usual, I have someone a-ma-ZING! Yes it's fellow co-writer, mangapie! the first book of hers that i read is, Hurts So Muc. The book is about sad Mary who, like so many people out there, is bullied, her drastic actions lead onto a sequel, Hurts so much:Angels Fly. Every time I read a sequel to a popular book I somehow feel let down by the fact that I don't think it's continued on as well as it could be. Mangapie and a few other people have pulled it of effortlessly, and I am fully looking forward to her next chapter! Also, she has a weekly series, which is called the weekly pie! read it every week to see what happens next to bob the pie!

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