Top Authors!

Every time i feel like it I will add a new chapter to some of my personal favourite authors :D


1. Jodemeister

I am a huge fan of this girl!

My favourite movella of hers is Trapped,

It's about a girl called Christie and a boy called Tom.

Tom is basically a girl trapped in a boys body. He doesn't accept who he is.

Christie is the opposite. She is rather a, what you see is what you get kinda character, and

She really is one of those people who doesn't care what people think of her, one that can accept herself.

Tom hates people who can accept themselves, and he begins to bully Christie.

Then an accident occurs, and it's all Toms fault.

I love it! I rate it 9/10 :D



Love ya Jodemeister! (she used to be known as a different name.)

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