this is a story about two people who are from different worlds, literally. when lexa meets Adrian she plain out hates him, till she finds out who she is and then who Adrian is. but will Adrian and lexa's destiny be their reality.


2. unwelcome dreams

i thought about that strange meeting in the woods for hours when I finally got home, who the hell was that kid, he must only have been my age. as i drifted off to sleep I still thought about the boy with dark hair and deep blue eyes. when i started dreaming i knew in an instant, every time I dreamed these days I started out in a field of roses. The sky was dark and the only thing that lit it up was this bright circle, it wasn't the moon though, this circle was blood red and it made everything around me look as though it were drenched in blood. the roses were black, not red or yellow or pink, they were just black yet they were beautiful. As i walked through the field a little dog came running up to me, i knew i could trust the dog just like i always did. A hand grabbed at my arm and spun me round, soon i was facing the dark haired, blue eyed boy. Adrian, i knew his name was Adrian, how did i know that when i had only met this kid once and he never told me his name? Yet i was certain his name was Adrian and he was both my destiny and my end. 

"how did you get back here? lexa what are you doing here?" worried, my Adrian sounded worried, about me? he knew my name, i was sure he didn't know who i was back in the forest. i had no words to say though believe me i tried. "lexa you hav to get out of here, it isn't safe for you to-" Adrian cut off as he glanced over my shoulder, i turned slowly, hoping nothing was wrong even when i knew that it was. 

"hello princess lexa, i haven't seen you since you were a baby." a man stood before me in white clothes though the son made them look like they were tinted in red. 

"who... who are you?" my voice shook and i took a step back, something told me this guy was not someone to make friends with. his eyes were black as coal and his hair was blond, not an attractive look, the eyes were freaking me out. 

"your worst nightmare princess." the man said and then he lunged at me, i woke up back in my plain old red bedroom. screaming.

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