this is a story about two people who are from different worlds, literally. when lexa meets Adrian she plain out hates him, till she finds out who she is and then who Adrian is. but will Adrian and lexa's destiny be their reality.


6. Truth

I got as far as the school gate before a hand wrapped around my wrist. Turning around I saw it was Adrian, I tried to pull away but his grip was iron tight. I scowled at him as I met his eyes, they were a brilliant aqua blue now, lighter than they were in the forest. I couldn't allow myself to drown in his eyes now, I was too damn mad. Trying to pull away again only made him wrap his right arm around my waist, so if someone saw us they would think we were embracing. 

"Let go of me Adrian." I demanded and tried to pull away, damn his too strong arms. 

"No Lexa, I let you go once but I won't do it again because this time I just might lose you forever." He said and I was speechless, what did he mean? I had never known Adrian before that day in the forest. Yet I had a distant memory of him, in the memory Adrian had his arm around my waist and we were smiling but that wasn't possible, I was at least thirteen in this memory and that was five years ago. There must have been something in my eyes because Adrian smiled, my scowl grew more intense. 

"Tell me what I need to know Adrian, then leave me alone." I said.

"What you need to know my dear Lexa, is the truth." Adrian said and took my hand, he led me out of the school.

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