this is a story about two people who are from different worlds, literally. when lexa meets Adrian she plain out hates him, till she finds out who she is and then who Adrian is. but will Adrian and lexa's destiny be their reality.


4. strangers

The day went by in a blur, classes were easy for me and i didn't do anything during lunch. Rachel decided that we should go shopping on the weekend to celebrate my birthday. I thought about Adrian all day, it scared me that i was now thinking his name like I actually knew him. When I got home Rebecca was in the Living room watching take me out, it wad our favourite show to watch after i got home from school. As I drew closer I saw that her eyes were rimmed in tears. 

"Rebecca, are you OK?" I asked tentatively, my aunt never cried and if she was now then something was very wrong. i saw another two figures step out of the shadows and into my line of view. Before me stood my mother and father, people who had brought me into this world but wanted nothing other than to get rid of me. What the hell were they doing here? Our deal was that they could go wherever they wanted and I never had to see them, i hadn't seen them since i was five years old. 

"Mum, dad. what are you doing here?" My voice was shakier than it was when i found out my grandmother had died. That was what my parents did to me, looking at them was like trying to see a memory that is faded, like seeing a ghost of the past. To me that was what they were, a memory that i had learned to let fade away because it was no longer important to me. 

"Now is that any way to greet you parents?" my father said jokingly like he had any right to act like a dad. i know that my dad had even tried to convince my mother to have an abortion but she had refused because she didn't trust those clinics. 

"Forgive me if i don't jump into the arms of the mum and dad i haven't seen for twelve years." i snorted, i didn't care who they were, i didn't want them here.

"Lexa we have decided that we were wrong to give you to your aunt, we have come to tell you that after you graduate next year we will be taking you to live with us in Spain." My mum said, i froze. was she kidding? she didn't actually expect me to go live with her, she couldn't! My mum didn't care about me, neither did my dad, they left me with my aunt for twelve years.

"There is no way in hell i am going anywhere with you! you realise that you are a virtual stranger to me! you cannot expect me to leave everything just so i can go live abroad with parents i barley remember!" I yelled and my aunt reached out for me but i ran to me room before anyone else could say anything. 

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