this is a story about two people who are from different worlds, literally. when lexa meets Adrian she plain out hates him, till she finds out who she is and then who Adrian is. but will Adrian and lexa's destiny be their reality.


7. home

Adrian led me out of school and to a field not far away. He stopped near a patch of red Roses, my heart stopped as I remembered the dream. I suddenly became weary, how did Adrian know anything about my dream? I just realised how stupid following him out here, where no-one could hear me scream, was. 

"Ok Adrian, I followed you out here now tell me what I have to know." I said shakily and Adrian stepped forward and pulled me into his arms.

"You don't have to bee afraid Lexa, you are always safe with me. I have loved you since you were thirteen and have been your best friend since the day you were born." Adrian said and stroked a strand of hair out of my face, what he was saying was crazy but I knew it was true. All I had to know now was why it was true. Adrian made my lie back in the soft grass, and told me to close my eyes. As I did he touched my cheeks with his hands and kissed my lips, I began to fall deeply asleep. "Sleep now Lexa, You are safe with me here. I'm going to take you home." Adrian whispered before I felt him lie down beside me, it wasn't long till I was deeply asleep. 


When I woke up I was no longer in the field near the Rose bush. Now I was in a red field that was covered in red roses. I was in the field where my dreams always took place, and Adrian was right there beside me. He was looking over at me with a huge smile plastered on his lips, his kissable looking lips. 

"Oh my god, we are in our meadow." the words slipped from me, that was how I saw this place. As our meadow, mine and his like it was our own private place. 

"Yes Lexa, this was the place we used to come to when we wanted it to be just us, just you and me, I've missed you. Welcome home princess, Alexa Mariana Aqualea Rose." Adrian said as we walked to the top of the hill so that we could see my kingdom.

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