this is a story about two people who are from different worlds, literally. when lexa meets Adrian she plain out hates him, till she finds out who she is and then who Adrian is. but will Adrian and lexa's destiny be their reality.


11. Brother

They threw me into some kind of dungeon  it was damp and dark. I cried silently, I promised myself that I would but that was a promise I couldn't keep. I knew I shouldn't have trusted Adrian, I should never have allowed him to get inside my head. Now I would die here, alone with no-one knowing where I was. My aunt would grieve, my parents would be saddened but would mostly be pleased, they had never liked me, never given me a second thought. I cried until the tears wouldn't come, until I had cried myself dry. The guards came and offered me food, I pushed it away and refused to eat. I wouldn't trust the food they tried to give me, it would be too easy to poison.  On the third day of my time in the damp, dark, little cell someone came to visit me. It was a boy, he looked around my age, he looked like me. His eyes were the same emerald green as mine, his hair was the same raven black as mine as well  I almost stopped breathing at the sight of him, he looked like he could be my twin. Behind him stood Adrian, I whimpered as I moved back. When I eyes met Adrian's eyes I snarled in the most un-me way, his own eyes widened as he took a step forward. I darted backwards and hurt shone through his eyes, I felt my heart ache for him then remembered that he was the reason I was here. 

"Alexa, please. I'm sorry." Adrian begged and held out his arms to me. I wanted to hurt him, wanted to keep away but it was too much. I didn't hate Adrian, it wasn't is fault and I knew it. Without a single word I rushed into his arms, letting him catch me. I let my tears start again as he held me close and gently rocked me back and forth. Gone was the world around me, I let myself focus on the one thing that had tried to protect me even when he had no chance, my Adrian. Suddenly the boy who looked like me came forward, his eyes shone with un shed tears and a question. I could tell he wanted me to be able to answer that question. I looked again at the uncanny resemblance between us, who was this person.

"Alexa? Is that you?" The young boy inquired and I noticed how his voice was rough and deep with emotion. I nodded slightly, waiting to see his reaction to my answer. Finally the tears slid down his cheeks and onto his tanned cheeks, a memory came to mind. Me and this boy, laughing and playing whilst his mother, my mother, our mother watched and finally as our father came out and picked me up. The older man holding me threw me into the sky and then caught me again, then did the same to Julian. Julian, the name burned in my mind, setting itself onto the boy who now stood before me. I shook with the memory, remembering how much love I had had, how much love I had lost. The tears came harder as my brother brought me into a giant hug, it was comfort and peace. It was everything I had missed whilst I was in the human world even when I didn't remember what I was missing. I'm not sure how long I stayed like that, being held by my brother, waiting till the tears stopped. When they finally did a smile spread across Julian's face, it was the same as before I left, large and dimples appeared  I had always teased him about his dimples but they were sweet, they fitted him.

"Julian." I chocked out as I hugged him, I became ashamed of myself for not remembering my twin, my brother, my Julian. 





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