this is a story about two people who are from different worlds, literally. when lexa meets Adrian she plain out hates him, till she finds out who she is and then who Adrian is. but will Adrian and lexa's destiny be their reality.


10. Arrested

I stared unblinking at Adrian, this must be a joke. Engaged?!! No way, he would have told me, wouldn't he? I saw the look in his eye and I knew, this was no joke and no lie, we were engaged. But... how...how could that be possible?! My memory may have been wiped but I couldn't believe I wouldn't remember something so vital.

"Engaged?! Why the hell didn't you tell me Adrian?" I demanded, my breathing escalated into gasps. I was rapidly becoming hysteric and I could feel the tears that rested in my eyes. I backed away from him not wanting to believe that he would deceive me, just then the door burst open and a team of men burst through the door. I screamed and Adrian went to grab me but he was restrained.

"Lexa! Let go of me, get off her!" He yelled as two huge guys grabbed me by my upper arms. I struggled and Adrian continued to shout and yell to me, trying to protect me as he attempted to make the men holding him let go. I put up a good fight, kicking and punching when someone got too close too me. Eventually they managed to get a secure hold on me, they forced me to my knees and I stared up at them with death in my eyes.

"You are under arrest for treason." one of the men said and I blanched, treason? How the hell had I committed treason? By walking through the streets next to Adrian? I turned questioningly towards Adrian, surly he knew the answers. All I saw from him was a cold glare and it wasn't directed as me, but at the man who held me down on my knees. 

"What treason could she have committed?" Adrian seethed, glaring at the person who was holding me down.

"Imposing as the princess Alexa." The guard explained and I blanched. Imposing, I wasn't imposing as anyone, Adrian had told me I was princess Alexa, had he lied to me. No, I had the memories, he couldn't have been lying. I didn't get the chance to ask before I was hauled off the floor and dragged away.

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