Once Upon a Sister

Samantha and Kyra are sisters. Sam is the naughty one; gets boy into bed with her, does things she isn't supposed to. And Kyra was the one to fix it all...


2. Shame on you

A month later


I sat on our sofa, crying my eys out at the thought of telling Kyra. She would kill me. What would she say? She would think of me as some kind of whore. Suddenly, the swung open, and my little sister greeted me with a jolly hug.

"Are you ok?" her smile suddenly dropped, and she had a worried expression on her pretty little face.

"Kyra..." i hesitated, "I- i..."


I let out a loud sob.

"Don't cry..." i heard her whisper


"Just spit it out, for goodness sake!"

"I'm pregnant..." i muttered under my breath, letting tears fall from my green eyes.

Kyra's mouth turned into a perfect 'O' shape, and she let the glass filled with juice fall from her hands, and shatter on the living room floor. She stood there, frozen, as i was proper crying now. Finally, she walked up to me, passed me a packet of tissues, and hugged me warmly.

"Are you sure? I mean... have you checked?"

I nodded my head, letting my long, brown curls fall onto my pink face. "Positive..." I sobbed.

She leaned on my shoulder, and started to throw questions at me, "What are you gonna do? Is it with the guy from the disco last month? When did you find out? Why didn't you listen to me? Why do you always have to do everything your own way!?" she was shouting now, and i could tell she was mad at me for this. But all of a sudden she let her voice drop, "ever since mum and dad died, you've become such a bitch..." my eyes widened at this sentence: she never, ever swore in her life before this!

Whoa, whoa whoa. Calm down. Firstly, I don't know what i'm gunna do. Secondly,  Yes, it is with that dude. Thirdly, I found out about half an hour ago. I just started to vomit in the morning, and i remembered that in films, when a girl just pukes out of no reason at all, it means she's pregnant. So i hurried to the pharmacy and got myself a test. And..."

"It was positive...?" she finished the sentence off for me. I nodded in approval, and a stream of tears swam out of my eyes. I buried my head in Kyra's shoulder, and sobbed until there was nothing left inside. I could see the wet patch on her school unifrom sweat shirt. I blew my nose and she took me into her warm embrace again. I couldn't belive i was stupid enough to get myself pregnant witha guy i didn't even know... Shame on you, Samantha Grinham. shame on you...

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