Once Upon a Sister

Samantha and Kyra are sisters. Sam is the naughty one; gets boy into bed with her, does things she isn't supposed to. And Kyra was the one to fix it all...


1. Last Night shouldn't have happened!


"Sam, you have to stop doing this!" I heard my little sister's voice above my head. Fucking kid, waking me up...

"Wha- What time is it?" I asked in a whorse whisper.

"You have to stop going out at nights! You scare the crap outta me when you go to bed with a guy you don't even now the name of!!!" she shouted, as i squinted my eyes at the light of the morning. "It's 10:35" she added.

"Listen, sis, i can do what i want; you're not the boss of me. Get that?" i said, whilst swinging my feet off the bed, and sliding them into a pair of slippers. I made my way to the bathroom, leaving Kyra standing there, pissed off. My head felt as if someone stapped a knife in it; fucking hangovers. But at least i had fun! Right...? I couldn't answer that question; my mind went blank at the thought of last night's pub outing. All i remember was this..

I walked into the local pub, carefully looking out for a hot dude to chat to. I was wearing my fave neon pink dress, or more of a top. I just about covered my big ass, which, for me, was a perfect way of getting a boy into bed. I kind of showed my boobs aswell: super sexy! I wore my black wedges over see through tights, and black lipstick. I loved make-up SO much! I remember ordering at least 3 or 4 red wines, when i felt a hand on my ass. "YES!" i thought, as i turned around to look at my admirer. He was topless, showing all his perfect abs and other exceptional parts of the body, and then his big blue eyes hipnotised mine. The last thing i could remember was snogging the hot dude and taking him to my house, while everything else was a blur.


I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw Sam in bed with some random guy. He was so ugly, aswell! I mean, his body was real fit, but his face! Urgh! I mean, she was only 19! I hoped she didn't do it with him... that would be so disgusting! I heard them chatting at night, when they came in, and i saw Sam take off her dress and walk into our room with nothing on but underwear. I heard the ugly dude ask her who i was, and she lied that i was just the cleaner. She must have been very drunk! Can you imagine a 13 year old cleaner? Absurd...

I couldn't fall asleep after that, with all the noise they were making. But then, magically, i woke up in the morning, and there was nobody in bed next to Sam. I was pretty sure it was real, but the only way to make sure was to wake Sam up and ask her until she feels guilty and confesses herself. Which was exactly what i did.

"Sam? Sam, get up. I saw you new boyfriend last night. Did you have it with him? I know you're just pretending to be asleep right now, so you might aswell just quit it. Sam. Sam!?" I nearly screamed. This girl thought i was stupid enough to believe that she was asleep. Pff!

"Sam, you have to stop doing this!" I finally said.

"What? What time is it?" What the hell? You're asking for the time, when you've just ben in bed with a guy you didn't even know the name of!? Stupid sister...


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