Official Only Olly Fan

A short story about a Fan going to see Olly Murs in concert when something horrible happens...........


1. Emergency!!

It was the 19th of February and I was waiting for my one celebrity love Olly Murs to come on stage. Suddenly the crowd began to cheer and were going mad. There he was and he was only 6 seats away from me as he was walking down the side to the stage. Wow he looks amazing in his special tight trousers a black trilby hat(he can sure rock those hats!). Suddenly someone in the crowd shouted out " Watch out Olly there's water on the floor" but before Olly could stop he stood right on the puddle and flew backwards and smacked his head.

One of the security gaurds shouted to my row "does anybody have any first aid training as the paramedics wont be here for at least 10 minutes?!" Before I realised what I had done I'd jumped forward to the security guard, as I had got my first aid badge in Guides so I knew what to do. The security guard grabbed my arm and took me over to where Olly was lying. Then it hit me. Olly's life depended on me. I said in Olly's ear "Olly can you hear me?".

Olly moaned. "It's ok he's alive"I shouted to the security men,"we just need to wrap something round his head to stop the bleeding". A woman in the audience threw a towel at us, "THANKS" I shouted to her. I wrapped it round his head when Olly opened his eyes. " Its ok everything will be fine, the paramedics are on there way" I told Olly. Olly looked me in the eyes and said,"Thank you so much, you've saved my life". Then he sat up and gave me a kiss on the lips. Then the paramedics came and took him away.


Later that night when I got home and told my family what had happened and what I did, my little Brother Chris didnt believe me. But I proved him wrong when my Mum turned on the TV and the 9 o'clock news came on!! There I was on the screen talking to Olly!! My family couldnt believe it. Someone had videoed the whole thing of me helping Olly Murs and then him kissing me!! My whole family just stared at me and I smiled smugly. The next day I was the talk around school and everyone was asking questions about what it was like kissing him and saving his life.

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