Top spot

Cleo- Rebecca 'perfect' as everyone calls her, is the most popular girl in school, beautiful, smart and rich, she is every girls wannabe and every boys dream. I am nobody. Nothing to her and her huge group of friends. I want to be in the top spot for once and I have a plan on just how to do it.

Rebecca- My life is perfect, beautiful, popular and rich, it couldn't get any better!


4. Rebecca- Busy days

I opened my eyes and stared at the clock; 8:10. Great. I was late waking up, school started at 9:00! I need at least an one hour and fifteen minutes to get ready! I suppose I'll just have to be quick. I get out of my double bed and run straight to the bathroom, I'm supposed to be meeting Julie at Starbucks at 8:40, god I really was behind. After a quick shower I went straight to my wardrobe, picking out a fabulous pink metallic Topshop vest and a white mini skirt. I grabbed my cream Prada pumps and quickly ran to my bed where I pulled out my blue velvet diary. I grabbed a fountain pen from my bedside table and scribbled down my busy schueduele;

Monday 15 June

8:40- Starbucks with Julie. Also pick up Jess.
9:20- First 2 lessons- Art and history.
11:00- Break thank god, hope Miss. Rowland won't be on 'patrol' around the field; Oh God she always looks like Burberry has thrown up on her.
11:30 - 3 lessons- P.E, Cooking and English.
3:30- Lunch- Big debate on Karen's 'new' look that seems to be a trend, my group follows nobody, I'll take her out soon with my new jack wills shirt; every one wants one.
4:45- Last lesson- ICT.
5:45- Going shopping with Becca, Layla and Jess, Julie can't come because of french tutor, kind of good, I'm bored of her rambling on about Karens 'style'
7:00- Hairdressers and Manicure.
8:30- Back home.

Yay today's schueduele sounds great!
xoxo Rebecca
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