Top spot

Cleo- Rebecca 'perfect' as everyone calls her, is the most popular girl in school, beautiful, smart and rich, she is every girls wannabe and every boys dream. I am nobody. Nothing to her and her huge group of friends. I want to be in the top spot for once and I have a plan on just how to do it.

Rebecca- My life is perfect, beautiful, popular and rich, it couldn't get any better!


3. Cleo- Making a Plan

I woke up early; 6:00am, thinking about Rebecca. she was so perfect but there must be some cracks, some secrets behind those chocolate brown eyes that were dressed with beautiful long, black lashes, a weakness hiding behind that pearly white smile. I got my diary out from under my pillow, carefully unlocking it and turning to a blank page. So many pages were covered with scribbles of what Rebecca was like, her clothes, style and hair. Only now did I realise that I was obsessed with perfection, beauty, popularity......Rebecca.

Cleo diary;

Monday 15th July

Dear Diary,

I am making a plan to bring down Rebecca and take her place, not as a immodest, mean biatch like she is, but a nice, popular girl that everyone likes. I know some people hate her, she strikes fear if anyone upsets her as they know she will do something, destroy them socially, turn everyone against them. I must think of a plan quickly, I must put it into action no later than next weekend.

My plan; To become her best friend.
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