Top spot

Cleo- Rebecca 'perfect' as everyone calls her, is the most popular girl in school, beautiful, smart and rich, she is every girls wannabe and every boys dream. I am nobody. Nothing to her and her huge group of friends. I want to be in the top spot for once and I have a plan on just how to do it.

Rebecca- My life is perfect, beautiful, popular and rich, it couldn't get any better!


5. Cleo- A Sad Little Day At School

I glared at myself the mirror, I suppose I wasn't bad looking, light brown hair with dark brown eyes that held light brown flecks around the rim and pupil. I had thrown on a pair of tight New Look jeans and a silky, floral camisol from Next. I Had nice clothes I just couldn't style them and all of them bulked me up. It wasn't fair.....Rebecca always looked good, with her cute jack wills shirts, Prada shoes (which I find ridiculous, she's 13! In my opinion she doesn't deserve prada things, she's so spoilt!) and topshop jeans and vests. And how can she do her makeup so perfectly, nice mascara, beautiful eyeliner flicks and perfect shade lipstick! When I try to put makeup on I smudge the mascara in my eyebrows and it sticks and doesn't come out for weeks, end up drawing all over my face with the eyeliner and look like a five year old had tried to do a makeover on me and ended up scribbling all over my face! No lipstick went with my tan skin, well not that I could find. Countless shopping sprees in Boots, Superdrug and Makeup-land all fails. Maybe I'm not good enoguh Or worthy to be Rebecca's new BFF (maybe not the forever part, certainly not if my plan works). Maybe my plan won't work.

I meet up at umbrella gardens with Cassy, a big smile creeping across her face when she saw me. "Hey there stranger!" she giggled as I made a goofy face. It was true, I had been a stranger for the whole of the school holidays. " Sorry Cass you know I've got a lot of homework, extra tutors and stuff" (the extra tutors weren't because I was behind, it was because my mum thought if I didn't listion to something in class then my grades would go done, but if I knew it already bingo would have to listion anymore and mum would be okay thinking that I was still listening and learning the same thing I already had). Cassy nodded like she totally understood, Her red ringlets bouncing at the motion. Cassy was pretty, pale skin that glowed, dark, green eyes that had tiny flecks of dark brown around the pupil. "Hey look who's coming" she pointed slightly to the irn grate and there walking past was Julie and Rebecca, giggling and gossiping. They stopped and pointed at something. At first I thought they were pointing at us, but I soon realised the we're pointing at someone behind us. Two people. It was Susan and Rodney, kissing passionately under a umbrella. Julie giggled and grimaced as Rebecca pointed and 'ewwed'. Rodney was disgusting, a complete perv, he came every 4th period, on Friday to watch the girls at Miss Travers change for swimming, well he couldn't watch very easily he was usually caught by Miss or couldnt see properly. Thank god. Susan looked up Todney still pursing his lips for another kiss, she cried out as she saw Rebecca giggling and pointing at her, her eyes gleaming under her thick rimmed glasses. She ran out of umbrella park, in the direction of her house, looks like she not going to school today. Rebecca and Julie smiled at us and walked away. " god that was a bit of a fake smile" Cassy said.
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