Top spot

Cleo- Rebecca 'perfect' as everyone calls her, is the most popular girl in school, beautiful, smart and rich, she is every girls wannabe and every boys dream. I am nobody. Nothing to her and her huge group of friends. I want to be in the top spot for once and I have a plan on just how to do it.

Rebecca- My life is perfect, beautiful, popular and rich, it couldn't get any better!


1. Cleo- Introductions

My name is Cleo Winterson, I am 13 years old and go to Miss Travers School for girls. Nobody thinks anything about me at school and I have one best friend, Cassy, who I do everything with. But I want more, I want to be popular and beautiful, have a gang and wear expensive clothes, I have the money to get them, i just don't know what to get. I want to be in the Top Spot.

I want to be Rebecca 'perfect'.
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