I love you like...

This poem type thing is inspired by a mix up of Charles Bukowski's ' An Almost Made Up Poem' and one of Lemony Snicket's letters in 'The Beatrice Letters'. It occurred to me that both of these uses the phrase 'i love/loved you like' which many romantic literature does but both use them in quite dark comparisons or context. So this is my response. Enjoy :). P.s Title is at work.


1. I Love You Like...


I love you.

Like a writer with no intent of saying when he'll be back loves a smudgy biro.

Like the reader of the letter loves the thought that the smudges are tears blurring a fountain pen.

I love you.

Like a wife secretly loves a young milk man who secretly slips her an extra bottle of milk,

like she loves the thought that the young milk man might slip something else up her lace slip.

whilst her husband is away.


I love you 

Like a young naked man slid in-between the bed slats and the scratchy carpet,

loves a disregarded negligée to rest his head on while the husband beats his wife.

Like the wife loves the notion her husband wont do it again, or that she will be whisked away by the young milkman who

loves the makeshift pillow hidden under her bed.

Like blood loves cream carpet.


I love you.

I love you like moths love a beautiful evening gowns.

Like beautiful evening gowns love being taken off by desperate men

Like desperate men love women with abusive husbands and that can’t hold their alcohol,

Like women with abusive husbands who can’t hold their alcohol love red wine


I love you like a man waking up next to a sleeping woman, loves the fact he can leave and never see her again.

Like a disregarded woman loves the smell of mens cologne

Like the smell of cologne loves to linger on old wedding pictures

Like the people in the pictures love to stare back and evoke the feeling of lost love.

Like a lost love loves to create endless tears,

and endless tears love to form into words

and smudge the ink of a fountain pen.


That is how I love you.

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