Make a Wish

Amy and Steve have been inseparable since college, and are desperate to open up their own designer studio. However, they face problems that make their dream seem so far away and out of reach. Will they overcome these obstacles and fulfil their dream?
Instead of showing the problems they might face during business, I have decided to write a series of short chapters based on how they got there and what they went through to reach their dream.
-My entry into the Beat Girl: Fan Fiction competition :)


5. After Eight

Buried under the covers, I arose from a deep slumber. It was only seconds before I remembered what a state I was in. The possibility that everything would be okay again seemed so far fetched. It would be too easy to believe in it. I was in too deep, the stars could not find me in these shadows. The light could not find me. 

Days had passed, nothing had been done. Emma said she'd think of something, but nothing had been said. Steve hadn't spoken to me either. I was in it alone. 

Breaking the silence, my mobile vibrated. I grabbed it and glanced at the screen. Emma

"Hello?" I said, sleepily. "Do you need me to come into the cafe?"

I was supposed to be having the day off, but if Emma needed me around the cafe, I would happily oblige. It would distract me for a while, at least. 

"I've just had a thought," she said, excitement in her voice. 

It had taken her days to think of something; I could only hope that her idea was actually good.

"What if we have a cake sale?" she suggested. I had to thank her for the idea, but it would take forever to raise enough money to cover my share. 

"Emma, that wont cover the cost for the damage I have caused," I sighed, staring at my feet that stuck out from under the covers. And then I realised the possibility. "But if I show Steve that I've put in a lot of hard work, he might pay off the rest. Over time, and if business is good, I'll be able to pay him back what I owe."

"You've got it. I've been baking since dawn, Amy, and the cafe is extremely busy, maybe you'd like to come down and help out?"

I told her I would be there in an hour. When I arrived, I was surprised to see the cafe so busy. Normally, it was quiet, with only few customers with their noses buried in books with a coffee and a cookie. Yet today, loads of people were rushing about, throwing coins at Emma who handed them warm cookies and plastic mugs of coffee.

"Amy, over here! Give us a hand with the coffee!" Emma called. As I walked over, a customer approached me.

"These are great!" she said, enthusiastic. 

I smiled at her, and started pouring coffees and teas, grabbing plastic plates and napkins for Emma to place the cookies on. 

Why was the cafe so busy?

"I thought I'd try a new type of cookie," she smiled at me. "After Eight's."

Emma showed me a cookie, it was dark brown, oozing with chocolate, with a melted After Eight on the top, the chocolate and the mint had soaked into the cookie, making it look incredibly tasty. 

"If business continues like this, you'll have your studio in no time."

I couldn't help but beam a bright smile. My stars were close, they could see me, and they were shining the bright light down on me, showing the way. I was close.

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