This story is about a girl called amy who loved a boy called bailey but after a couple of moths bailey started lossing taste out of amy. But when amy finds out that bailey doesnt love her anymore she starts to push apart from each other.


1. love of her life

There was a girl called Amy who didnt have a boyfriend for 3 months her last boyfriend Ryan Wood cheated on her with Shanice Chamberlin. When amy found out about the affair that Ryan was having she was ferious. Amy thought  she could move on and 3 months after she met the love of her life Bailey Osborn. She was so happy that she fianally found someone like him. Amy and Bailey loved reading books and going on computers.So every break and lunch they would both walk down hand in hand to the libary. they shared there emotions with each other they both got on really well with there mates which was reareally cool for both of them because they hate having fights  over friends.


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