Songs I listen to (These are the lyrics and a short review)

This lyrics book is songs I listen to on Youtube, and I enjoy listening to whilest writing on Movellas :). So read these when you want to find heavy metel, rock, or random :).


3. When My Brother Loved Me (Legend of Korra/Toy Story 2)

 When my brother loved me, everything was beautiful

Every hour we played together, lives within my heart

And when I was sad, he was there to dry my tears

And when he was happy, so was I, when he loved me

Through the summer and the fall, we had each other, that was all

Just he and I together, a perfect family And when I was lonely, he was there to comfort me

And I knew that he loved me

So the years went by, dad made us train And he began to drift away,

I was left alone Still I waited for the day, when he'd say "I will always love you."

Lonely and forgotten, never thought we'd meet again,

He called my name and asked me once again to run away,

Like he loved me, when he loved me When my brother loved me, everything was beautiful,

Now we'll finally go back to our start When he loved me.

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