Songs I listen to (These are the lyrics and a short review)

This lyrics book is songs I listen to on Youtube, and I enjoy listening to whilest writing on Movellas :). So read these when you want to find heavy metel, rock, or random :).


1. First Singer/songwriter: adrisaurus

So, this is about adrisaurus.

She writes lyrics and sings them, with the help of Kyle Landry (Piano!)

She is a really good singer, so I comment "Why you no famous!" She is really pretty, so watch her vlog on her subscribers. She is a really cool girl and I hope you guys like her to.


Songs I'm writing on the lyric book:

I'll Bend The Hell Out Of You (Legend of Korra/Mulan Parody)

When My Brother Loved Me(Legend of Korra/Toy Story 2)

Rue's Lullaby (origanally from Book song lyrics)

The Hanging tree (From Book song lyrics)

Once upon a December(Anastasia)


Sally's song.


Enjoy :)

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