Summer with the band

Have you ever been jealous of a sisters boyfriend? Well imagine if the boyfriend was one of the members of a famous boy-band....
EDIT:For the 1D fan fiction contest. Please like and comment!!!


3. Onstage.

I almost tripped up on my own feet, I was so nervous. The heat of what seemed like a thousand lights hit me as I took the final step. My palms got sweaty, and it wasn't the lights. Louis beamed at us, like the cat that ate the cream. He walked up to us, and then, pushed past my sister, with urgency. His thin figure was getting larger, until he was standing right in front of me. He leaned in, and kissed me, then the world melted on top of us like melted chocolate till it was just us. Things got a lot more steamy, as he began to remove my top, as I unbuttoned his jeans, still kissing him, him kissing me....kissing me....kissing me....kissing....more than kissing me....kissing

        I woke up, confused to where I was, till I remembered that dreams are never real, and I was lying in bed, sweating, stinking and, most likely, crying. A giggle crept threw the walls, losing volume until it was only distant. I sighed, a very deep, dramatic sigh and then threw back my covers like a total diva and got up on my feet. I was greeted, once again by my personalized 1D wall. My eyes drifted across all the hearthrobs, until they met the one, the only, Louis. After what seemed like hours, I finally peeled my eyes off of his face and ran into the kitchen, then the bathroom, quickly making plans to enjoy a morning chocolate bars (well, maybe more than one) and then in the privacy of my en-suite, cry my heart out.

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