Summer with the band

Have you ever been jealous of a sisters boyfriend? Well imagine if the boyfriend was one of the members of a famous boy-band....
EDIT:For the 1D fan fiction contest. Please like and comment!!!


2. Concert.

'Woooooo! So, get out, get out, get, out of my heeeeaaaaaad!' 

The noise erupting from the hall was enough to make a howler monkey cry.

'And fall in, to my, arms iiiiiiiinsteeeeaaaad!'

The noise which I was making a big contribution to.

'I don't, I do, on't know what it is. But I need that one thing yeah you got that, one thiiiiiing! AAAAAHHHH WOOOO!'

Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn all smiled and threw there hands in the air.

Zayn revealed his shiny teeth to the crowd as he spoke.

'That's it guys. Concerts finished!'

'AAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!! NOOOOOOOO!' said about one thousand girls and forty gays.

'You guys have been great' Louis, in his little braces (hand picked by moi) stepped forward.

'I'm gonna give a huge shout-out to my lovely lady Jem over there, love you babes!'

A middle aged lady in heels stood on my sisters foot. Ouch.

'And another shout out to my number one fan Amy! Come on guys, onstage!'

 As we made our way onto the stage, with hesitation from me, two woman hissed at us like angry pythons.



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