Absolute Music comp.

I bet I'm not the only one out there who can't live without music.. So here's an idea, I know this site is called Movellas but whatever, I'll make a music comp for those who think they know their music.
And it goes like this: <- See what I did there? (The line is from a song) xD And thats exactly what we're going to do. We will pick a few lines from different songs and put them together so it all becomes one text. Then it's up to you to guess which songs are included. Fun hu? :D Oh and I know all people doesn't have the same taste in music so therefor we're doing several different texts in chapters, pop, rock, metal, Rnb, blues and so on.. Now for the prizes: You'll find 'em in our first chapter!


3. Classic Rock - Medium


Alrighty folks, Larky here with a challenge. This challenge's genre is Classic Rock, and since the level is medium, there will be two lines from each song that I choose to present before you, hidden cleverly in a few bits of poetry type stanzas. I'm trying to keep these songs fairly well known, so hopefully someone will guess them.


There is little more than monochromatic imprisonment

within the walls of this forsaken place.

We don't need no education,

we don't need no thought control.

Let us free, we birds in the system's cage

to fly in the gardens of creativity. 


I want to run through your wicked garden,

heard that's the place to find you.

We'll escape together from the layers of gray,

in fifty shades, dance along the lines

in the paper burning on the broken desk.


Deadly beauty in the gardens of lucidity,

the tigerlilies swore my secrets were safe.

Meat eating orchids forgive no one just yet,

cut myself on angel hair and baby's breath.

The river runs red in our garden of discourse.


We're masquerading in the forest,

screaming out death and murder.

Welcome to the Jungle,

We got fun and games,

enough to satisfy the queen,

the serpentine dancer.


Fireflies dance in the heat of

hound dogs that bay at the moon.

The dew is cold and river run

as we drink our chalice of moonbeams.


And we retreat into the shadows as demons,

passion burning the gardens to ash.

Eyes that shine burning red,

Dreams of you all through my head.


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