Penny was bullied for something she didn't have- popularity. She had been tormented all her life, and if only she could find one way to stop it. She was tired of being the lonely one, the fat and ugly one. The one who somehow always had a sign taped to her back or an arrow pointing at her saying ' tease me'.
She was now swapping fat for anorexia, and loneliness for getting in with the wrong sort of people.


6. Your answer is Yes.

The answer is yes, the bullying had caused all this. I was sick.

I was definitely not going to be the little new girl tomorrow.

I knew I was fat, and not pretty. But I wasn't different than anyone else. I knew I wasn't. They could judge me if I was a mean person, but I wasn't, was I?

When I had stopped being sick, I decided not to tell Mum about my day, I knew better than to get the most angriest parent to go out and give every single person a lecture.

I went to bed early, at seven, and I curled up holding the photo of my Dad.

When Dad and Mum split up a couple of months ago, I missed him like crazy. And I still do.


In the morning, I clambered through the closet and I got dressed. I wore a knee- high grey skirt with buttons up the side, my school top with the top button open, my hair down, make- up and little heeled boots. It was a start.

I knew Mum wouldn't let me out looking like I did, so I wrote a note and I went out early. I hung around the park before arriving into the gates.

" Hey, fatty," a boy said.

I stuck a peticular finger up at him.

" Chubs, come here, I want a Mcdonalds!" shouted a girl, holding a knife.

" Sorry, the till doesn't open to idiots like you," I said, she was quiet.

I felt amazing.

I felt a punch on my back and I spun around to see a group of girls and boys surrounding me. I knew they'd tease me.

" Nice rat tails," one girl said, pulling my loose hair.

" Said your Mother when you were born, but the doctors said nice rat," I replied. That was a little mean.

" Hey, Penny, come over here!" shouted a girl who was sitting at a bench.

There were three girls and two boys surrounding her. She was wearing a tight top and a pair of ultra- skinny jeans.

" I saw you answering Lila Stewart?" one of the boys said, sounding impressed.

" And giving Ryhs the finger," a girl said.

" Yeah.. who's Lila?" I asked.

" Lila! You don't know Lila?" the girl asked.

I shook my head.

" Lila is only just the most popluar girl in school. She lives in a manshion, litterally, and she has been on the red- carpet at lest ten times," the boy said.

" She is beautiful.." the other said.

The first boy hit him.

" I'm Jake," boy number one said. " And this is Daniel," he said, pointing at number two.

The girl who called me over said her name was Andrea and that her three friends were Rita, Mona and Kate.

" So," said Andrea. " Want to just hang with us? You are the only girl in this entire school who has outsmarted Lila. I'm surprised you aren't dead yet." I agreed to hang out with them, but then I was worried.

So.. I had just annoyed the most popular girl in school? Well, it didn't keep me from having friends though? So..?

" Hey, Penny, take a look," said Andrea.

I looked up to see the girl I had called a rat, the most popular girl in school, come rushing up towards me with a hateful look on her face.

" Ah, so I see your the new girl?" she said.

" Yeah, I am, I'm Penny," I said.

" I know who you are, I just want to know what you are," she said to me, with a grin.

That was painful.


I didn't remember the rest of the day, just that I had been punched once or twice by a few low- lifes. And I have some mean chinese burn marks all over my arms. This school was really painful. Only for me, though, I was the ' freak'.


I cried when I got home. Tears streamed down my face and a couple of kids laughed when they saw me burning up into a hot fury after loads of others had called me all the old been- there- done- that fat jokes.

Mum didn't help, she signed me up for a dance fitness class. If it wasn't bad enough that everyone in school thought I was fat but my ow Mother knew it.



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