Penny was bullied for something she didn't have- popularity. She had been tormented all her life, and if only she could find one way to stop it. She was tired of being the lonely one, the fat and ugly one. The one who somehow always had a sign taped to her back or an arrow pointing at her saying ' tease me'.
She was now swapping fat for anorexia, and loneliness for getting in with the wrong sort of people.


8. What?!

What have I become? I'm  like some sort of monster going on a mean rampage through a school. I have turned people's lives upside down! They must be feeling how I felt, serves them right. No it doesn't. Yes it does. No. Yes. No. Yes.

I'm so confused! Agh! You know, I actually cut a girl's wrist. I sliced it until it started bleeding because she was reminding everyone of when I was that fat little girl. Well, I'm not anymore, I said, and I grabbed her wrist a just slit and slit. I was sent home and the police were called.


I'm somewhere now no one else wants to be. There's cells, and its cold and dark. And I am surrounded by murderers and robbers. Yeah, prison.


Take it from me, no one likes to be bullied. I hated it. I wanted to die when I was bullied, and it is said other people have done the unspeakable thing of killing themselves because they don't want to live through the torment. Don't take a parent's child away. Don't bully.


                                                                                           The End

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