Penny was bullied for something she didn't have- popularity. She had been tormented all her life, and if only she could find one way to stop it. She was tired of being the lonely one, the fat and ugly one. The one who somehow always had a sign taped to her back or an arrow pointing at her saying ' tease me'.
She was now swapping fat for anorexia, and loneliness for getting in with the wrong sort of people.


4. The bell.

" Haha! I dare you!" one girl said.

But, finally, as if it was my last wish, the bell rang.

As the crowd that had gathered slowly spread out and grabbed their bags and went inside, I, silently, creeped in behind them. It was now time to see my class, and I was not looking forward to it, one bit.

I heard that I was meant to be in room 1Q for my first lesson, English, but I was then told by what seemed a really sweet girl that my class had been moved to 5E.

" Thank you," I said.

The girl just wandered off as if I was the most boring person on Earth, which was basically true, more or less.

I wandered through the halls, trying to find room 5E. I never even knew that they made classes up to that number. They didn't in my old school. This is NOT my old school. This is NOT my old life where every single person was treated the same. But this is not my old life, this is my tragic new life. My crowded- with- bullies life. If only Mum had stayed with Dad, if only.

I climbed the stairs. And the next flight of stairs. And the next. I was now on the third floor. This was a big school.

At the third floor, the classes ended at 3R. I didn't have a clue what was wrong with this school. It was all turns and corners, like a big maze.

I couldn't find another staircase. I think that girl was lying to me? Now that I think about it, she was one of the girls who said they should cut me! No! My first class on my first day at this school had been ruined, I had spent half an hour or so searching this big place. I had fallen on the stairs twice, but I didn't mention because I had another encounter with my skirt coming up.

I rushed down the stairs again, this time to get to my proper English class, and I finally found room 1Q. I burst inside, and I saw the teacher standing like a statue, mid- way in writing something on her black board.

" Ah, Penny, I was waiting for you to arrive," she said. " Take your seat at the front, I'll make sure to note this down."

" I'm sorry, miss," I said.

She didn't answer, so I just took my seat. Normally, I would be thrilled about sitting at the front, talking to my best friend, Elle, but not here, this school was not normal.

The teacher turned her back to finish the question and I felt about a thousand spit balls hit the back of my head. It really hurt, and as I turned around, I was hit square in the face with eight or nine. And I saw, sitting right behind me, was the girl who gave me the wrong direction. I shot her a nasty glance, the first I had ever done, and I don't think I had done it right. But because I did, a boy who claimed he was her boyfriend, hit me with a pencil. And what was worse, the pointy end hit the corner of my eye, so I cried a little.

" Miss. Wall!" wrong- way girl cried.

" Yes?" replied the teacher, turning around.

" The new girl, Penny, hit me with her book that she carries!"

I must say, her acting was pretty believable.

Miss. Wall looked at me, angrilly.

" Class," she said. " If there is one thing in this class that I cannot stand, is..?" and then, as if they were innocent, the whole class responded with: being hurtfull to other students.

Miss. Wall nodded.

" Well, good, because everyone else has been tormenting me all day!" I said.

" Class? The second thing?" said Miss. Wall.

" Lying."

" But I'm not lying!" I said.

" Miss. Dexter, please, no more of this horrible language. Please remove yourself from this class and wait outside until your next class, which should be starting in twenty minutes." Miss. Wall said.

I tried not to argue.

I shot a nasty glance at the class and left the room, sitting outside on the floor. I'd never know how my first class went, great?


Finally, time for my next class. It was drama. I loved drama. There was nothing bad that could happen to me in drama.

" Hello there, you must be Penny? I'm Mrs. Delatayota," said the teacher.

I was amazed by her name. " I'm sorry, is it Mrs. Dealtoyta?" I said, stupidly.

" No, no, it's Mrs. Delatayota, but everyone calls me Dee."

" Okay, Dee."

Dee smiled and I carried on the through the double doors.

" Morning class!" Dee shouted, once we were all sat down.

" Good morning!" I called back , no one else called it. They just laughed.

" Haha, very nice, Penny, but that's not how we do it in my drama class.."

Then everyone else shouted. " Good morning, drama unite."

I frowned to myself.

" Okay, first up, alphabetical acting," said Dee. " Penny, why don't you come up and show us some alphabetical acting with me?"

" Umm.. okay."

As I stood up, Dee quickly said: here goes, I'll start.

" And as the day passed on, the sunshine lit up the sky."

She pointed to me. How do I do this? I thought.

" A nice warm day!" I cheeped merrilly.

All the class groaned.


" Penny, sweetie, after I use a sentence with the letter A, you say a sentence with B, me then on C, you on D. Get it?" Dee mentioned.

 I nodded.

" Beautiful, I thought to myself!" I said.

" Crows had hidden away, not to return until later in the night," Dee said.

" Drinking the water from a stream, was a hungry wolf."

" Everyone from the village had scattered."

" Frightened people locked their doors and windows."

" Geese had gone missing from a near farm."

" Homes had been burnt to the ground after the villagers had seen the wolf creeping inside."

" I was one of the victims of the wolf had attacked," said Dee.

" Just when I thought I was safe, I went outside, but the wolf had torn me to pieces before I saw what was happening. i didn't know what to do, I was lying on the ground, my throat ripped out, my eye- ball sockets ripped from my face.. my head smashed..." I had gone a little to far.

 I heard gagging noises.

A girl was nearly sick.

Dee just stared.


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