Penny was bullied for something she didn't have- popularity. She had been tormented all her life, and if only she could find one way to stop it. She was tired of being the lonely one, the fat and ugly one. The one who somehow always had a sign taped to her back or an arrow pointing at her saying ' tease me'.
She was now swapping fat for anorexia, and loneliness for getting in with the wrong sort of people.


5. Home

I didn't remember anything else about the day, really, except I was sent to the head for being to violent? Me, violent? In this school? Really?

I walked out of school with my head low, and I noticed again what the kids had been wearing, just to see what I should wear tomorrow. There were girls in tight, vesty tops on that cold day, small, tight black skirts. They looked really terrible. My Mother would never let me dress like that, for school especially.

Meanwhile, I came out of school in my eskimo/ eight year old look that no one could pull off.

I was sick of being tormented. I was sick when I got home, I spent the entire night throwing up in the bathroom. Is this what my bullying had caused?


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