My Best Friend and I Love Him

Emma White lives with her dad. Her mom left her and her dad when she was little. Asher Turner is the schools quarterback, totally hottie and is Emmas bestfriend. They are always together whenever he isn't a football practice and partying. One night they make a drunken mistake, will she forever watch him be with other girls or finally admitt her feelings for him.


5. The Dress

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After Asher left my house. I decided to do my homework. Ugh I should have done it right when I got home, but no ash wanted to play Wii. Sometimes he reminds me of a little kid.

Anyways i don't have a dress for homecoming. I can always go shopping for one, but I really don't wanna go. Ugh stupid Ben.
I then grabbed my phone and dialed sarahs number. I should save it. Oh well. She picked up after the 4 ring.

"Hey Emma."

"Hey Sarah. I need help buying a homecoming dress, and was wondering if you would cone with me?"

" I would, but i babysit everyday after school and then I have work after I'm sorry. What about Asher?"he usually does go with me.

"He has practice everyday from 5 to 8 so there's no time. Its cool, though. Well I have homework so talk to you at school, bye."

"Sorry again. Bye."

Times like this I wish I had more girl friends.

-Next Day-
Girl you make my speakers go boom boom

I turn over and turn my phone alarm off. Another day of school. I sometimes wished I was done with school already, but then i would miss ben, josh, and all the guys.

I decided to dress up a little today. I but on some Hollister jean shorts with a black belt that showed off my tan legs and a white lace shirt that showed my stomach and made my boobs pop out a little. I think I got it from American Egal.

Anyways I put light make up, waved my hair, and put on some cute flip flops.

"Ashers here" my dad called from down stairs.

"Coming." I hurried down just in time for my waffles popped out of the toaster. "Thanks dad."

"No problem, what was the point of me fixing your car if Asher drives you?" He had a point.

"Not everyday sometimes he can't sometimes he can." I explained. He then nodded. I then started leaving.

"Hey kiddo you forgot." I turned around to see what he meant. Oh handshake how did I forget.

"Catch you later dad." I then went out to adhere car.

"Damn." He winked.

"Thank you." I laughed.

"So who you trying to get?" He asked while driving to school.

"No one just decided to wear it."

"Oh ya." He smirked

"So, I know you get home late from practice, but i need you to take me dress shopping." I begged.

"Didn't you say you got your car fixed?"

" ya but I need someone to help me pick one." This wouldn't be the first time we gone dress shopping.

"Sure, practice starts at 3:30 so I will drop you off but can't stay." He said. We were already at school so we got put.

"Thanks Ash." I kissed his cheek.

"No problem babe." He placed his arm around my shoulders and he walked me to class.


We were all talking bout the dance this friday. Everyone seemed to have dates already.

"Did you get your dress yet?" Josh asked.

"No Asher taking me today." I told him.

"Let's hope its as hot as that one from the party." He grinned. Asher hit him upside the head.

"Dude come on you would have banged her I'd you weren't friends." I looked away and saw that the whole table was listening and Ben looked as if he was trying to come up with something but didn't.

"Shut up, man" Asher growled. I didn't even want to look at him. Just thinking of that night made me want to jump him on the spot and cry since he wouldn't do it again.

"Ooo the player, admitting his feelings for his ' bestfriend'." Josh challenged. Dude this kids needs to shut it.

"Enough." Ben barked. Josh stairs quiet and so did the rest of the table. There was an awkward silence.

"Ashy. I heard Libby isn't here today." A girl purred seductively to Asher sitting at our table.

"Your right." He winked back taking her hand and leaving the table with her. Libby wasn't his girlfriend but called dibs on him so no girl would try while she was around. I rolled my eyes and dumped my food into the trash.

"Where you going?" Ben questioned. I looked back to see his brown eyes worried.

"Not here." I left. Gosh am I ever gonna be good enough for Asher.

When i got home from school I did my homework, read listened to music, did everything thing to make the afternoon pass. I didn't care about shopping, I just wanted to find a dress that was as hot as the party dress like josh mentioned.

I felt bad for josh sometimes. I have never seen him with a girlfriend, actually I never saw Ben either hmm. Josh was cute, green eyes light brown short hair. He had a nice body too. Well maybe they have had girlfriends.

No girl has ever tempted to sit at our table unless they were there for something.

My phone went off and it was a text from Asher saying he was here.

"Let's go." I said getting in. He smiled and started to drive. I noticed he showered cause his hair was wet. I realized I was checking him out and didn't want to get caught so I looked away, but before i did i saw something on his neck.

"Is that a hickey." I practically yelled. I didn't need an answer I knew it was.

"Ya, what's it to you." He smirked not looking at me.

"What you gonna tell Libby." Pssh like I cared, but i need something to take the subject off me.

"Nothing, she's not my girlfriend." He said bluntly.

I didn't say anything and neither did he. We got to the mall pretty fast, besides he fast driving, I lived in town so i was close to everything.

"You ready." I didn't wait for a response and grabbed his arm and dragged him with me.

We were shopping already for two hours before i git it down to two dresses. I put on the first one. It was a dark purple tight one and it hugged my body. I couldnt zip it up so I walked out for Ashers help.

His face was priceless. He was totally checking me out.

"Th-aats a a good one." He studdered.

"Can you help me with the zipper." I giggled turning around.

"Ya." I pulled my hair up while he he quickly zipped me up.

"So how do I look?" I turned around.

"You look great." He smiled.

"Good." I sighed in relief. " unzip me will you." This time he unzipped it slowly I felt his thumb against my back going down causing me to shiver. I felt his breath on my neck and noticed that he had his chest against my my back.

"Don't test me." He whispered. Huh what does he mean. I then walked back in changed. I didn't even trying the other one on. This one was it.

When i walked out Asher was sitting there grinning.

"What's with you." I rose my eye brow.

"We are finally done, wait please tell me we aren't Shoe shopping too." He groaned.

"Yes we are done." I laughed. I had black heals that matched, and i didn't even have anymore money even if I wanted to get shoes. That dress cost me 150 bucks.

"I hope Ben likes it." I said when we walked inside my house.

"Trust me he will."

"Hey honey, oh hey Asher." My dad said while we walked in to the kitchen.

"Hey." Asher and i said at the same time. We looked at each other a broke out laughing.

"You kids are something else." My dad chuckled leaving. " that made us laugh harder.

"Want me to order pizza." I asked after we calmed down.

"Ya sure." He nodded. I then called.

'It should be here in 15 minutes." I told Asher after hanging up.

"Ok. Hey so you and Ben a thing?" He asked. Hmm maybe Ben was right.

"Umm I don't know." I needed to talk to Ben and get our story stright.

"Oh okay." He said while pulling his phone out, proably texting some girl.

"Why?" I pried.

"Just wondering, plus you need to be careful, guys like that just want to get in your pants and leave." He explained.

Like you did. I said in my head.

"That wasnt meant to happen." My eyes were wide open, did i say that out loud.

"Ya sorry I brought it up." Crap why did i say that. I just git him back why am i so stupid.

"It's cool. Hey remember what josh said I thought he knew for a second." He laughed.

"Oh my god! I know u couldn't think of anything to say thank god Ben stopped him." That was an awkward moment but not cause of josh it was awkward cause of Asher cause it actually happened.

"Hey pizzas here." My dad said coming in. Yum!

"What you kids talking bout?" He said taking a slice. Asher and i looked at each other and then to my dad.

"The game." Asher said at the same time I said. "The dance."

"We mean the dance after the game." I lied.

"Nice save." My dad laughed leaving taking his pizza.

Asher and i started laughing again.
After we finished eating we talked about football and played Wii. Gosh I love this boy.

"Well its getting late." He said grabbing his keys. I walked him to the door.

"Love you babe." He said hugging me I hugged him back not wanting to let go but i did. He then got in his car.

"Love you too." I whispered while he drove away

"Young love." My dad laughed.

"Dad!!" I blushed deep red.

"What? I didn't think you two were dating. I don't think you can sleep over there anymore then."

"Dad! We aren't dating. Can't a girl and a guy be friends I thought you understood." I said still blushing.

"Yes cause every girl whispers I love you at a guy walking away." He laughed. He was immature sometimes.

"He doesn't know or needs to." I pointed at my dad so he could understand clearly.

"My lips are sealed." He grinned walking up the stairs. Wow.

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