My Best Friend and I Love Him

Emma White lives with her dad. Her mom left her and her dad when she was little. Asher Turner is the schools quarterback, totally hottie and is Emmas bestfriend. They are always together whenever he isn't a football practice and partying. One night they make a drunken mistake, will she forever watch him be with other girls or finally admitt her feelings for him.


1. School

"Emma, your going to be late for school is you don't hurry up." My dad called from downstairs.

"I'm coming, I'm coming."I said rushing down the stairs.

"There's toast and a cup of coffee on the table." He pointed towards it.

"Thanks." As you noticed I'm Emma White, I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I'm a junior at Grant High. I live with my dad my mom left us when i was 12 and i haven't seen her since.

"I'm done." We then got into his truck.

"Dad when is my car going to be done." I crashed my car a couple weeks ago, because some moron ran a red light.

"Once you get the money to fix it." We weren't rich nor poor just in the middle. My dad always taught me to work for what i wanted.

"Please, it wasn't even my fault." I begged.

"I will think about, we are here."

We did our hand shake before i got out. My dad and i have done this practically my whole life.

"Later dad."

"Later sweetie." I watched him leave before walking into the doors of my high school. There was a few flyer about the homecoming dance coming up.

"You noticed them." My best friend Ash asked.

"Ya but I'm not gonna go, you?" I then opened my locker and grabbed my history book.

"Ya I'm asking Libby." Ugh Libby, school slut she's also the captain of the cheerleadering squad.

"Don't make that face, she really nice once you get to meet her." He tried to reason.

"Ha ya real nice I bet." I scoffed.

He then threw his arm around me.

"You have to give her a chance."

"Whatever you say, well see you 3rd period." He pecked my cheek and i walked toward my seat.

Asher Turner is my best friend since like we were 3. We hang out all the time when he isn't partying or at football practice. Ash is like the schools "hottie". Girls are constantly after him, he's a dork to me. I'm not gonna deny he good looking , but I don't see him like that. He has messy dark brown hair and dark blue eyes.

"Hey Emma, has Asher asked anyone to the dance?" Some random girl from my history class whispered.

"Umm...I don't know why don't you ask him." That was normal girls always asking me about him and what he's doing.

Ding ding ding

Finally history is over no science. It's like i have the worst schedule.

"Hey Emma." Sarah walked up to me. She was actually the only girl who talked to me for me and not Asher.

"Hey what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing, but did to do the science homework?" Crap I forgot too.

"No I totally forgot." Oh well do it tomorrow.

Science was just as bad and i wanted to see Ash already. He always in a good mood.

Bling bling bling

"Em how I missed you." Ash hugged me tightly.

"I...missed you to." I said unsure of what was going on.

"Okay thanks, this one girl wouldn't leave me alone even when i lied about having a girlfriend." That is a lie asher has never had a girlfriend, hook ups ya girlfriends no.

"Sucks to be you." I laughed.

"Your jealous you can't have all this." He placed his arm on my shoulder.

"Are you sure its not the other way around." I rose my eyebrow.

"Naw why be jealous of what's mine." He tightened his grip.

"Ya all yours alright."

"No need for sarcasm, babe."

"Your right I'm not all your or any of yours at all." I pulled away teasing.

He then pushed me towards the wall, but not hard. He trapped me with both arms on either side of my face.

"Take it back." He said trying to stay serious but the corner of his mouth turned into a grin.

I shook my head. He then cupped one side of my face and brought his face closer to were I could feel his cool breath against my lips.

"Are you sure?" He whispered causing goose bumps up my arms.

I pressed my self against him.

"I'm sure." The tardy bell then rang.

"Come on player we are already late." I smirked while grabbing his hand to walk into class.

Ash and i also like that people always think were dating, which we always say we aren't. Like can't a girl and guy be best friends.

We had a math test 3rd period so asher and I couldn't hang out. After he walked me toward my 4th period class.


Since asher is on the football team and he's my only friend I sit with all of them. They are all cool with it. We been sitting together since freshmen year.

"Saved you a seat babe." Ash called me over.

"Sup guys." I greeted them. Josh then started walking toward our table, and i realized I was proably in his seat.

"Here sit in mine, I will sit somewhere else." Usually there's room for all of us.

"Thanks Em." He grinned. Josh was funny but a little, how do i put it, not the brightest. He's really good at foot ball though.

"Here Em sit here." Ash tapped his leg, and that's where I sat he placed his hand on my waste to hold me there.

"Payback." He whispered in my ear. I was taking a bit out of my sandwich when he started running his lips on the side of my neck, causing my to cough.

"You okay there?" Ben checked. I nodded. He was cool, played wide receiver.

"How's it feel being teased." He murmured he began sucking softly.
I let out a quite moan. Which Ben and asher caught.

Ben rose his eye brow. I smiled nervously. Finally asher stopped.

"Now mine." He chuckled.

"Ash last time you gave me a love bite I had to wear my hair down for a week." I whinned. They guys all laughed.

"I told you to take it back." He smiled.

"Fine I take it back." I then crossed my arms.

"Few seconds too late." He kept smiling. I rolled my eyes and started talking to the rest of the guys.

"So you coming to the game tonight?" Ben questioned me.

"Yep I always do to see my boy." I grinned.

"What about the party at my place after?" He did this every Friday. I always had the same answer.

"No, I don't drink you know that."

"C"mon you don't have to drink, you can dance I will buy soda and water just for you." He tried compromising.

" ya babe, water and soda what a blast." Asher chuckled. I turned and hit his arm.

" fine i will go." I agreed just cause of ashers dumb remark.

"Great see you tonight, I got to get to class I used all my tardys already." The rest of the guys left leaving asher and me.

"So you really going tonight?" He asked while I started getting up.

"Ya what else am I gonna do?"

"Want me to pick you up?"

"Sure, I doubt my dad would let be go to a party though." Which was true my dad was cool but not that cool.

"Say your staying at mine tonight." He suggested.

"Alright, what do i wear?" I have never been to a party I know lame.

"Something tight." He winked. I hit his arm again.

"I'm not dressing like a slut."

"Fine go dressed in your pjs and stand out the a retard." He said sarcastically.

"Now you watch the sarcasm." I grinned

"I can watch whatever I want, even watching your sexy ass to class." He smirked.

"Pervert." I laughed.

"Well I gotta go, catch you later." He kissed my cheek and we walk off different directions.

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