My Best Friend and I Love Him

Emma White lives with her dad. Her mom left her and her dad when she was little. Asher Turner is the schools quarterback, totally hottie and is Emmas bestfriend. They are always together whenever he isn't a football practice and partying. One night they make a drunken mistake, will she forever watch him be with other girls or finally admitt her feelings for him.


2. Party

-The Game-
"Welcome or Grant High football players!" A man shouted over the intercom.

Everyone started screaming and hollering while the cheerleaders cheered.

"Here's our quarterback Asher Turner, and our kicker Jason Fuller." Did I mention he's also QB.

"Go Ash." I cupped my hangs over my face and cheered him on.

The game then began once the flipped the coin. We have the ball!

By half time we were winning 21-7. The guys went into the locker rooms for half time meeting while the cheerleaders walked out to the field to do their dance.

Buzz Buzz.

Text from Asher.

Having fun?

Yep! Your doing a great job out there!:)

Alright I will meet you after the game come to the field.

When don't I go down there.;)


Everytime the games are over the crowd always walk down to congratulate the guys.

We won 28-14! Not too bad. I then rushed down the bleachers.

I pushed my way through some sweaty football players before I found Asher.

"Asher! You won!" I ran towards him jumping into his arms I wrapped my legs around his waste and kissed his cheek not caring how sweaty and smelly he was.

"Congratulations, son." George tap adhere back. George was ashers dad.

"Hey george, where's Karen? I said while Asher setted me down still holding my waist.

"She's coming. Talking to Jane." Jane was joshs mom.

"Oh Asher great job!" He mom arrived hugging him. He didn't let go of me though.

"Your father called saying your staying over, sweet heart." Karen said.

"Yep I'm going home and changing then coming over." I explained.

"Okay honey, when George and I are leaving bye son, and congratulations again." They then walked off.

"Want me to give you a lift after I shower or do you want to take my car and come back." Asher loved his car it was like his baby.

"I will take your car I don't want to wait around here while you shower."

"Be careful with it." He gave me a stern look.

"Don't worry I wont crash it." We walked back towards the locker rooms to get the keys.

"See ya." I waved and left. By the time i got home my dad was already gone.

"Hey is that ashers car?" My dad asked.

"Ya he's showering so I came home to change." I explained.

"Alright then, what time you coming home tomorrow?"

"By 1pm, more or less." He nodded and i head upstairs.

I went in my closet and looked through everything. I finally found it. I once bought a little black dress cause hey every girl needs one.

I put it on, waved my hair, applied make up and got my black heels.

That took over half an hour. Wow. I then silently went downstairs and locked the door on my way out. I then rand towards Ashers car and drove back to the field.

I pulled up to the locker rooms and Asher was waiting with josh. He was wearing dark jeans and a black shirt. Hmm we matched.

"You guys gonna just sit there or get in." I called out.

Asher walked over towards my window with his hand out.

"I'm driving."

"Loser." I stepped out of the car and put on my heels.

"Damn someone looks mighty fine." Josh whistled, causing asher to glare at him.

Asher was like those protective best friend he just didn't like it when guys looked at me like a sex toy.

"You look beautiful, babe." He grinned.

"Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself." I teased.

"Can we get out of here already I wanna party." Josh complained.

"I call shotgun!" I tried to run almost tripping to the passengers side. Josh then got in the back.

We started driving away and Asher placed his hand down while the other held the steering wheel. I then placed my hand on top of his. We finally arrived.

"Let's party!" Josh yelled getting out of the car and leaving without us.

Asher then faced me.

"If you need too go, because its too crazy or your bored don't hesitate to tell me." His voice was sincere.

"I promise to tell you." I smiled. He stepped out of the car and went around to open mine and helped me get out.

"You ready?" He grinned.

"Hell ya." I laughed

We walked inside and music was blaring and people were dancing to the music.

"I'm gonna get a drink." He told me and walked off.

"Hey you made it!" Ben came and hugged me.

"I said I would." I smiled.

"Wanna dance.?" He asked.

"Sure." We walked to the middle of the dance floor.

He stood behind me while our bodies swayed to the music. Some other guy came over and dance in front of me.

Ben placed his hands on my waist and pulled me away from the guy.

"Back off Jared." Ben glared.

"I was just bringing this cutie a beer." He smirked.

"She doesn't drink." Ben told Jared.

"No Jared its fine one beer won't hurt." I smiled taking it. He nodded and walked off. Ben and i continued dancing.

I finished my beer and was walking away with Ben to throw it out.

"You want a vodka shot." Ben shouted over the music.

"Um...sure." I heard vodka is good but some people say its gross. Guess ima find out.

"One two three." We downed it.

"That burned!" I coughed.

"The more you drink the better it tastes." He explained.

"Okay pour me another." I said.

"How you liking the party?" Asher asked coming up towards us.

"Fun. What you been up to?" I downed the shout and asked for another.

"Nothing really had a few beers, and you might want to slow down there." He pointed towards the shots.

"3 is my limit anyways." Which was true it burned just as much the 3rd time like the 1st. I grabbed a beer.

"Wanna dance with your asher." He grinned.

"I would love too." I then took his hand starting to feel those shots.

"Pour me two shots would you ben?" Asher asked. Ben poured two, and asher drank them no problem.

"How much have you drank tonight?" Ben asked asher.

" I had 3 beers and some uv." Asher told him.

"Dude you should slow it down also, those shots are gonna bite you in the ass."

"Nah I'm good grab me a beer." Ben then tossed one.

"Babe I wanna dance already." I slurred.

"Let's go!" He chuckled.

We began dancing with the music and swaying with the beat. I grinned against him and heard a moan escape his lips and giggled.

After doing a few times his grip on my waist tightened. I turned to face and wrapped my arms around his neck while he hugged me close.

"You like that." I purred. Without waiting for a reply I pressed my lips on his. He asked for entrance and i allowed it. His felt perfect against mine. My hands began getting tangled in his hair.

"Wanna go upstairs." He asked against my lips. I just nodded not wanting to pull away.

We started walking upstairs and i threw my arm around hum to help myself from falling. We walked into a dark room and Asher closed and locked the door behind us. I began getting excited and started kissing him hungerly.

I took my shoes off and started walking until I felt the bed behind my legs. I began unbuttoning ashers shirt while he unzipped my dress. It hit the floor with his shirt.

With out breaking are heated make out session, he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist. We slowly fell onto the bed.

I rolled on top of him and started to take of his pants, but my shaky hands couldn't do it.

"Let me." Asher spoke. I started kissing him down his amazing abbs. Then went it his lips again. I was now in underwear and a bra and he had on his boxers. His hand traveled down my arm and leg and hitched my leg over his hip, we didn't stop there.
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