My Best Friend and I Love Him

Emma White lives with her dad. Her mom left her and her dad when she was little. Asher Turner is the schools quarterback, totally hottie and is Emmas bestfriend. They are always together whenever he isn't a football practice and partying. One night they make a drunken mistake, will she forever watch him be with other girls or finally admitt her feelings for him.


3. Day After

I woke up with a crazy head ach. My head kept throbbing. I sit up and realize I have no clothes on! What hell. I the bed sheet and cover up, this isn't my room. I felt something twitch by my leg, and gasped.

Asher what's he doing here. I then realize his also naked. Omg I'm naked he's naked! What happened last night.

"Ash." I shook him.

"Five more minutes mom." He murmured into the pillow.

"Wake up Asher!" I shook him harder.

"I'm up I'm up." He then turned to face me, and grinned.

"Asher what happened last night?" I looked him stright in the eye.

"What do you mean?" His looked confused.

"Asher I think we had sex!" I began crying, I was a virgin o wasn't suppose to lose it to a drunken night.

"I'm so sorry, Em, I'm sorry I know your virginity meant a lot to you." He hugged me while rubbing his arm up and down to soothe me.

"I don't even remember, ash." I cried.

"I'm sorry how bout we forget it happend." He said while cupping my face.

I nodded not being able to talk, and then pulled away.

"I need to get dress and get home." I croaked. I kept the bed sheet close and got off the bed and grabbed my dress, and i remembered now. Memories from last night started rushing in to my mind.

It was amazing, I touched my lips remembering the every kiss the was planted. Asher was amazing, even though we were drunk he was careful. He was gentle with my every need.

As I started putting on each thing I started to remember more and more. Once I got my dress on I looked at Asher who was only in his jeans with his head over his shirt. No I see what the girls drool over. The knob turned and someone walked in.

"My parents are home in two hours so you guys need to go." Ben said."wait did you two, you know, have sex?" He pointed between Asher and i.

"No!" Asher and i said in unison.
Nobody can know what happened.

"Alright, well just hurry up." He knew we were lieing but didn't pry.
Ben then left and i turned to face Asher.

"I remember." I whispered with a small smile. He walked over to me and gave me a bear hug.

"I'm sorry." Was all he could say.

"It's fine now, we were both drunk, I'm glad it was you and not someone else." I told him.

"Your right but I still took advantage of you."

"Asher I'm serious It's okay." I cupped his face and then dropping my hand to his shoulder and down his chest.

"Like what you?" He joked. Hell ya I did.

"Pshh you wish bud." We were some what back to normal.

"What time are you suppose to be home?" He said while grabbing his keys.

"I told my dad a little past 1." I checked my phone. 11:44am. I had time.

"Wanna grab something to eat?" He asked while we went down the stairs.

"Ya sure, but can we get some advil or something for my head." My head seemed to throb more and more.

"Ya i have some in the car....Ben were leaving." Yelled out the last part.

"Alright see you at practice tomorrow." He yelled from some where in the house.

We then get in the car, and drove off to dennys. The car car ride was silent.

I noticed Asher hadn't touched me since the hug or called me babe. He wasn't letting last night go. He felt bad, I grabbed his hand like we usually do, but he moved it to the steering wheel.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"I know last night was an accident, and I don't want to give you any wrong ideas, I love Emma and your my bestfriend." He explained.

"I Love you too." I meant it more in a friend way and saw already that he didn't want me that way. I proably wasn't good enough in bed or something. Why would he want someone who is so innocent that doesn't know how to do anything.

"We are here." He said we stepped out of the car and walked inside. Asher kept his distance. Breakfast was quiet.

Buzz Buzz

"Whats up?" He answered his phone.

Agigh pitched voice responed but i couldn't hear what she was saying.

"Ya i will see you tonight." He whispered into the phone probably so I couldn't hear.

Was he really gonna have sex with someone else, after being with me did I mean that little.

"My mom." He lied.

"Ya right." I said sarcastically. We finished eating and didn't talk again, and the car ride home was the same.

"See ya tomorrow." I checked.

"Ya about that, I have something to do so i will see you monday, okay." He lied again.

"Sure." I slammed his car door, and went inside.

"Hey have a nice time." My dad asked.

"The best." I said honestly. I then rushed up to my room. I soon as i got in I started crying. I took off my dress and threw my shoes in the closest.

Why not me! What was wrong that he wouldn't want me? I know he's my best friend so shouldn't I count for something. I then cried myself to sleep.

Sunday I spent eating ice cream and watching movies in my bed. Not getting a text or call from Asher.

School came around Monday and Asher wasn't there to walk with me to class. In math he sat somewhere else. When lunch came I started walking towards the bathrooms. I never once had to eat alone in the stalls.

"Hey Em, what up." I turned to face Ben with a fake smile.

"Hey." I tried sounding cheerful.

"Something wrong." He asked.

"No I'm just going to the bathroom." And eating alone. I said the last part in my head.

"When your done come sit with us, Time out today so there is room, you won't have to sit on Asher." He laughed.

"Ya okay." I then walked into the bathrooms. No one was in there yet. I faced myself in the mirror. You can do this I kept saying in my head. Tears started falling and i wipe them away quickly. I then walked out and head back to the table.

"Hey guys" I said sitting next to Asher. He didn't evenook at me.

"You alright, looks like you been crying." Josh asked concerned. Adhere head whipped towards me. Oh now he cares.

"I had something in my eye." I lied.

"Both eyes?" Can josh be any stupider.

"Ya." I then looked down to my food. I made my self peanut butter and jelly sandwich this time.

The whole time Asher never infer talked to me. The rest of the week went like that. Is was Friday again and that meant another game. I have never missed a single game of his ever, I didn't even know if I was going.

My dad couldn't pick me up today. So thqt meant I had to walk.

"Emma are you walking home?" Ben came up beside me.

"Ya my dad can't get me and my car is still at the shop." I explained.

"Here i will give you a ride." He said pulling me to his car.

"Thanks." I jumped in. He had a nice lifted truck. He then turned on the car and we left the parking lot. He then broke the silence.

"So what's happening with you and asher? You guess were like joined at the hip." He asked. Just remembering I didn't have my best friend anymore mad me cry. I have been crying too much lately.

"Don't cry Em." He placed one arm around me pulling over.

"So what's wrong?" He continued. I couldn't stop myself everything came out.

"I had sex with Asher at your party. We were drunk, so we didn't know what we were doing, he said he was sorry and didnt want it to effect our friendship.since then he's been ignoring me...Nd I think I love him Ben. He's everything to me. He's always there when I needed i don't think i know I love him, and not in a friend way." I spilled. I always depended on Asher. He was such a big part of my life I had never realized how bad it would be when he's gone.

"I'm sorry Emma." Was all he said. He hugged me tighter, while I kept crying.

"Everything is gonna be fine." He cooed. "Don't forget the game tonight, tell him how you feel."

"I cant. The day after he said he didn't want me to get the wrong ideas that we were just friends." I whimpered.

"You want to know something? Asher hadn't slept with anyone since you. Libby called him Saturday to go over. He went and cut things off with her." He explained.

"Really." I whispered.

"Really." He repeated." So tonight your gonna march up to hhim argued we win or lose and tell him okay?"
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