My Best Friend and I Love Him

Emma White lives with her dad. Her mom left her and her dad when she was little. Asher Turner is the schools quarterback, totally hottie and is Emmas bestfriend. They are always together whenever he isn't a football practice and partying. One night they make a drunken mistake, will she forever watch him be with other girls or finally admitt her feelings for him.


4. Back to Normal?

It was the end of the game and we won again no surprise. I then started walking towards Asher.

"Asher." I called when I saw him.

"Hey." He scratched the back of his head.

"Congratulations again." I smiled. He then relaxed.

"Ya it was a close game." He grinned. I haven't seen that smile in a week.

"Asher?" I wasn't sure if i wanted to tell him.

"Ya?" He was nervous again.

"We need to talk." I said confidently.

"If its what i think it us can it wait until I shower?" He was trying to get out of it.

"Okay but we are talking after." I said. He nodded and walked over to his parents.

"So did you tell him?" Ben came up to me.

"No I'm telling him after but not that I love him " I explained

"C'mon Emma you can't not tell him." He whinned.

"If i don't want to I won't so your gonna have to keep your mouth shout until then."

"Fine, I'm gonna shower. Who's picking you up?" He asked.

"Depending how the talk goes Asher or my dad." I said.

"Oh okay well ima go." I waved him off and went back to the bleachers and waited.

-30 minutes later-

"Okay. Talk." Asher said walking in front of me. He was wearing shorts and a bro tank that showed of his muscles. I stayed sitting down.

"Why?" Was all I could think of saying, I looked down not even able to look at him again with out breaking down.

"Things changed."

"You said for us to forget about it and bot let it effect our friendship, and you let it." I yelled getting on my feet.

"What was I suppose to do? He yelled back.

"Ash your my bestfriend, you left me cause of a stupid mistake. Why, why would you try to push be away."

"I needed time to think."

"Time to think, think about what Asher. Did you not realize your my only friend, I didn't have anyone for a week. I was alone Asher. Ya I had the guys but they don't know me like you do."

"I don't think we should be friends anymore, its not how it happened its what happened." He said turning away. What the hell dies that mean!

"How it happened? Are trying to say I sucked? What? That I wasn't good enough for you?." I raved while tears ran down my cheek.

"That's not what i meant. You were great. Maybe if we werent friends that night wouldnt felt so wrong." He faced me trying to calm me down. He cupped both sides of my face.

"I love you and your my best friend Em. I'm sorry I left and i want my emmy back.? He begged.

"Why'd you leave though?" I whimpered.

"I felt bad for taking advantage of you." He said while wiping one of my tears away.

"I told it was fine. Even if i was drunk I knew what i was doing. I didn't stop cause I didn't want to. We got carried away that's it." I practically told him i wanted him.

"Can you be my best friend again." He begged. He didnt see that i lovrd him so I nodded. He kissed my forehead, and pulled my into a hug. Im always just gonna be the best friend nothing more.

Asher took me home. Even though we aren't together it was fine. I just wanted my bestfriend back. Those feelings will always be there, just never shown.

Everything was back to normal as if nothing happend.

-Monday 3rd period-

"Today I will be your sub, you guys can catch up on homework or something just keep quiet." Yas I love subs. I faced Asher who was sitting next to me.

"Yes!" We said in unison high fiving.

"So homecomings this week?" I asked. Ben said that Asher cut things off with Libby but I don't know.

"Ya I'm taking Libby." Ben was wrong. I smiled. "You going." He asked.

"No i don't think so." I didn't even have a date. We were playing against our rival school this Friday and there was a dance after.

"Go with Ben, or someone, it will be fun." He tried to convince me.

"He hasn't asked and that would be weird." Which was true Ben and I are good friends but nothing more.

He dropped the conversation when the bell rang.

"See ya at lunch." He gave me a hug and headed towards his next class.

Fourth period was boring again today I was so happy when the bell finally rang. Asher was outside waiting for me.

"How do you get here so fast?"

"Babe, I'm amazing I can do anything." He said throwing an arm over me.

"Cocky much." I laughed.

"You know it." We then walked toward our table.

"You told him." Ben grinned. I glared at him.

"Told me what?" Asher asked me.

"Ummmm.." I couldn't come up with anything.

"That she's going to the dance with me." Ben lied smoothly.

"Oh cool." Asher dropped his arm and we sat down.

"Baby." A girld high pitch voice came.

"Hey sexy!" Asher turned and Libby attacked his face. Ugh I turned back to the guys while the continued sucking face.

"So..." I said hoping someone would say something.

"Thats cool how tour going to the dance with ben." Jared said. Hmm Jared haven't talked to him since bend party.

"Ya it is...isn't it." I glared at Ben.

"Well I gotta go do something." Ben said getting up to leave....oh no he isn't getting out of here. He walked out without turning around.

" I will be right back boys." I smiled and walked after Ben earning myself a few whistles. I turned back and smirked and notices Asher was still sucking face with Libby. I finally caught up to Ben.

"Everyone is gonna think were dating actually some already think it." I told him.

"So let them talk." He shrugged.

"Why did you say I was gong to the dance with you?"

"I couldn't think of anything else and I doubt you were going with somebody else." He said.


"Plus it will make Asher jealous." He grinned.

"How?" Asher doesn't even like me like that.

"Whether he likes you or doesn't he will get jealous."

"I don't get it."

"Asher made it pretty clear he doesn't want any guy with you. I know that cause he told us he thinks we are all players like him. He doesn't want you to get hurt. So by me going with you will piss him off thelat someone would actually cross him to get you." He explained.

"That still doesn't explain why he would be jealous."

"Let me dumb it down. Your adhere would Asher wanna share what's his." That makes since.

"Oh okay then its on." He high fived and the bell rang so I headed to class.

After 7th period Asher was there waiting.

"Hey." He then held my hand. " so what's going on with you and Ben the guys said you and Ben left together at lunch to talk. And Ben doesn't just talk with girls." Wow maybe he is jealous.

"Nothing and we were just talking." I said getting into his car. My cars fixed already but I like riding with Asher.

"Thats okay then." He grinned and we went home.
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