An Ordinary Sanctuary


5. Yeesh

Ashley woke up with his head on his shoulder. These were the twilight moments of their friendship, in between the jokes and the tragedies, where honesty shone a rare light.




The figure stirred. “Hm?”


“What if he doesn't come back?” said Ashley.


“I dunno. Would you miss him?” said Lance.


“I dunno.”


“Well, then, there you go,” said Lance. “I wish he'd get his shit together. I'm kinda tired of it.”


“I'm over it. I just want to, you know, have a normal senior year. Party. Do—”--she stifled a huge yawn here—“stuff. You know, fun stuff.”


“You got a real way with words, Ash,” muttered Lance.


“Oh, you know what I mean. Parties, boys, you know, fun shit.”


“Ash. Do you know you said that exact same shit four years ago?” His voice switched to a high falsetto. “We're in high school now, dude, we need to start living, these are, like, the best years of our lives and—”


“I mean it this time.”


“Hey, you got me,” said Lance. “Drugs and boys, there's two. You're a regular Lohan.”


“Yeah, you don't count, I want a boy boy.”


“Oh, well, when you put it like that,” said Lance. He sat up and playfully shoved her aside.




“I'm a real boy now!”


“Come on, man,” said Ashley. “Be real. We'd ditch each other in a second.”


“Got that right. Get some friends, bitch. Yeesh.”


“I have friends,” said Ash. “I just, you know, don't like them all that much. Except you. And maybe Kate. But she's kind of a bitch.”


“Oh my God, I know right, like fuck.”




“Like, she's not even that pretty.”


Ashley turned over. “I don't know why I bother.”


“For real, though,” said Lance. “Fuck your dad, we got our own problems. This year, parties, boys. Deal?” He held up his hand. Ashley rolled her eyes, but she slapped it anyway and nestled back into his chest.


“I love you, Lance,” she said.


“I know you do, cupcake,” he said, and patted her on the head.


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