Claws Down Your Back

Lets do the cat walk in Gotham ;3


1. Cat Fever

I'm always right there watching

In every dark corner waiting

Walking right in your shadow

My eyes upon your very window

Scratching down the glass

Like a finger down the spine

I'll capture your heart

Then steal your jewels

Always on your tail if you know what I mean

This girl has nine lives to play out

I'll bounce back up and pounce again

Your back against the wall

As I hold this tight whip with sharp claws

Gotham is my mouse trap, your the prey 

I'll bite your tongue

Crack your skull between my legs

I'm above, below, behind you making your hairs stand

You'll scream as I make my mark on your back

Scratches deep in blood with a wallet missing

When this night ends

I'll bare my tail from this tight black suit

Roll around in my jewels and riches

The greed deep in my a lust for milk

Wait for the bat to come and punish me if he can

The night is young...

And I have his precious belt

This cat has back and not afriad to bite...

Selina Kyle will make happen in Gotham

The cat at your with your treasures

Watch your back, my eyes are on you, meow *grins and winks*


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