Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


29. The Tree By The Lake


I guess you could call it heaven, this place where I was.

I was sitting under a tree that rested on top of a small cliff in the middle of an endless lake. I couldn’t see the other side because it was shrouded by fog, but I knew that it went on forever.

I was dead, or at least pretty sure of it. Maybe I was in a coma- maybe I was still passed out on the side of the walkway. But that didn’t matter now. I’d be gone soon and there was no pain.

I stood, the rocky ground paying no mind to my bare feet. I saw I was wearing a white dress. Plain, no embellishments, and went down to my ankles, flowing like a waterfall off my shoulders.  My hair was curly and as I ran my fingers through it I was sure that it had never been this perfect. I had never been this perfect.

This just had to be heaven.

The water was calm and the only sound to be heard was the wind slowly blowing through the long grass behind me. I turned and smiled when I saw the miles and miles of field, covered on every inch with wildflowers. They ranged from purple to red to yellow and other colors I had no idea existed. They beckoned me over and I couldn’t resist.

I walked over, but it felt like floating. In seconds I was standing in the middle of the endless field, the rocky shore miles away. I sat in the tall grass, running my fingers through the velvety greenery. Picking some flowers, I became hypnotized by looking at their intricate designs. I had never seen these flowers while I was alive. Everything here was so different.

There was a nagging sensation in the back of my mind, like I was forgetting something that I had left behind.

This is a good different, I reminded myself. This is perfect.

The idea of imperfection went very suddenly from my mind- taken with the wind along with so many other memories of mine.

A day felt like a second in heaven, and before I knew it a week had gone by. There was no visible sun to rise or set, to guide me to sleep. In heaven, there was always light, and the security it provided. No more moon, no more self-doubt, no more pain, and I was thankful for that.


I didn’t know how I could tell time was passing. But every few minutes, I would get this feeling and know. It was like someone was whispering into my ear and saying “It’s been another day, Amelia”.

I paid no mind to it, because I would soon go on another adventure, deeper into the paradise. Time was no matter, therefore I never needed to sleep and I never grew tired. I never got hungry or thirsty, though sometimes I would indulge myself in the fruits of the jungle.

I had no idea how I got in the jungle. But for one second, the image was planted in my brain and the next I was there.

I slowly grew thirsty, and as it had always been, heaven brought me to the side of a waterfall. The water was crystal clear and I could see the ground beneath it. I smiled as I knelt and placed my hands in sending ripples across the water. Drinking, I watched as the calmness overcame the water once more. I sat down and stared at the blue water. Beautiful- as was everything else here.

Birds chirped near and far, though I was sure I was the only person here. Forever is an awful long time to spend forever. A companion would be nice to have.

Suddenly, there was a reflection of something in the water. It was fleeting and had gone before I had a chance to analyze it. It was a boy, for certain. He had blonde hair, but that was all that I managed to see. He looked nice. Had I known him when I was alive? Maybe. For the minutes- or days- after that instance, I couldn’t help but feel a bit happier. I think I did know him. There was something about the way he looked at me; it invoked a feeling that I thought was long forgotten.

 It was almost like a memory.


I didn’t think I was capable of laziness anymore, now that I was dead. But even so, I felt the need to rest.

Heaven provided me with a small log cabin in the middle of the jungle, which contained only a large bed and enough blanketing to keep me warm. But as time went on, it began to fill and expand. I got a stove to cook on and a wall covered in books that ranged from biographies to science fiction. Then, one day after I woke up, I noticed something new.

I never dreamt while I slept, because what could you really dream for when in heaven? But as I sat up in bed and stared at the ground, I smiled at the new arrival. I didn’t know I wanted it until it was right there in front of me.

It was a photo frame, yet an empty one. I didn’t want the frame- I wanted something to fill it with. A happy memory, a good friend, or a favourite pet. Heaven was able to provide me with everything I needed and would ever want, except for someone to share it with.


I didn’t know it, but out in the real world, a boy was walking into a hospital. He’d been going every day for weeks to visit her, and every day was the same. He’d run out of books to read to her long ago, so he would pick up a National Geographic magazine to read to her. The doctors had told him that reading to her would help her wake up. He’d gone through articles about lakes and wildflowers and jungles; he was reading to her about camping today.

Hours passed.  The boy looked out the window and sighed, checking his watch. He bent down over the girl’s bed and whispered into her ear. “Another day’s passed, Amelia.”

He then stood and kissed the sleeping girl on her forehead, brushing back her blond hair with shaking hands.

“I’ll be back again tomorrow, love. I promise.”

He left the room, his eyes red with tears as they had been for days on end. His fingers fiddled with something in his hand as he walked down the hall towards the hospital exit.

It was a ring- the very same one he had given to her the day he left. A promise ring.


I couldn’t stop thinking about the picture frame. I so desperately wanted to fill it. Or rather, I so desperately wanted someone to fill it with.

As I sat on my bed, I heard another faint whisper in my ear.

“Another day’s passed, Amelia.”

I ignored it, as I have every other time. I don’t think it really meant anything- it was just a way of heaven letting me know when another day went by. I fell back onto my bed, clutching the frame tightly in my hands. For some reason, my hands always felt empty, like they were missing something. It felt important.

The silence in the cabin filled my ears. There were no insects or animals to make noises outside, and there was no darkness to be afraid of anymore. It was always light outside, just varying degrees of it. 

I closed my eyes and almost fell asleep when I heard something. There was nothing there, but I still stood and looked around the small room. I had heard clearly what it said; though I wasn’t sure it was real.

“I’ll be back again tomorrow, love. I promise.”

What did that mean? Who was talking? I almost called out, but decided against it. I was being silly.

I sat back down, forgetting instantly about the past few seconds. I gripped the picture frame tightly. My hands felt empty, like I’d lost something. I fell asleep.


I smiled at him. He was the same blond haired boy from the water’s reflection. But now that I could actually look at him, I saw that his eyes were bright blue.

He smiled back at me and reached forward for my hand. He was wearing all white as well. Was he dead, too? Had heaven finally answered my prayers for a companion?

The boy pulled me close, one hand holding mine and his other on my waist. I had my other arm wrapped around his shoulder. We swayed for an eternity as he hummed a soft tune. I couldn’t catch the lyrics, though I bet they were sweet.

He turned his head slightly so his lips were next to my ear.

“Amelia, love.” He whispered. “I’m back. I’m just going to get some tea from the café, and then I’ll read to you. I’ve got a new magazine.”

I stepped back. It was him. Whoever this boy was, he was the voice I’ve heard every day since I’ve been here.

I was only able to take one last look at his gorgeous face when everything disappeared with the sound of a closing door.


My eyes fluttered open, the brightness of the room temporarily blinding me. I tried to raise my hand to shield my eyes but they were attached to dozens of tubes and wires; moving my arms would mean that they would all fall out. I wasn’t sure why I was here.

The last thing I could remember was saying goodbye to Niall the night before he left for the tour. I moved my thumb to feel for my ring. It was gone. My throat burned as I looked around the room, the hospital room. Something bad happened. I opened my mouth to call for a nurse, a doctor, anybody who could tell me why I was here.

No sound came out.

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