Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


15. Shipping

          From: Niall

          alright, goodnight beautiful x

I smiled at his text and locked my mobile. Today had been absolute perfection and nothing could ever make me upset right now.  I looked up to see the girls sitting on the nearby couches, all of them looking at me intently. I blushed slightly and brushed my damp hair behind my ear.

“So…” I said quietly to ease the tension.

“Amelia, I would just like to inform you that you recently went on a date with Niall Horan from One Direction.” Ariel smiled and my heart felt like it was swelling in my chest. I felt like I was going to burst any second and I began smiling widely.

“Yeah, it was pretty amazing.” I shyly looked down at my lap as I remembered the afternoon we spent together.

“Oh my god! I seriously can’t believe it!” Mattie screamed and stood up, dragging me to my feet. She snatched my phone away from me and threw it on the couch. Then, she took my hands in hers and began dancing around the room with me.

The other girls got up and began chanting as we all danced around crazily. “Amelia went out with Niall Horan; Amelia went out with Niall Horan!”

We kept shrieking and screaming and squealing as we hardcore fangirled over this achievement. We had all dreamed about meeting, and even dating, one of the boys from the band we idolized. To know that we were now one thousand steps closer to this made us all go crazy. What if my dream really did come true? What if Niall and I had a happy ever after that you read about in fairy tales? Words could not describe my feelings and emotions, and how amazing that would be.

“Amelia, when is the wedding?” Meredith asked me cheekily, plopping down on the couch. We were all out of breath and our throats hurt from screaming- could the other tenants get us reported for making too much noise? Goodness, I hope not.

“Spatula, there isn’t going to be a wedding.” I shook my head and sat down between Janessa and Mattie; Ariel was sitting on the floor, staring up at us as she continued to smile like a madman.

“At least not yet.” I added and she leaned forward, cupping a hand around her ear.

“What was that, Dave?” Meredith faked deafness and spoke loudly. “Did you say ‘at least not yet’? Does that mean that you want to get married to Mr. Horan and become little miss Mrs. Horan?” A wide smile cracked across her face and they all burst into another fit of laughing and shrieking.

“You guys are so going to get married!” Janessa laughed loudly and clutched my hand as she jumped up and down in her seat.

“Amiall-” Mattie raised her hands like she was reading a large banner headline; she nodded to herself as she continued to stare at the imaginary sign. “I so ship it.”

“It’s so cute I’m gonna DIE!” Ariel leaned against the coffee table and threw her hands in the air.

“So do you guys want to know how the date went?” I asked rhetorically. Who was I trying to kid? Of course they wanted to know- they’ve practically been on me to spill the beans since I first met him!

“Tell us!” Mattie threw herself on the floor dramatically and rolled around.

“Tell us now, Amelia!” Ariel jumped up and down next to me, a wide grin revealing her white teeth.

“Come on, you have to tell us! The suspense is excruciating!” Janessa leaned against me, looking at me with her big, begging brown eyes.

 “Where should I begin?” I asked and looked down at my lap, smiling. It really was an amazing date and it still felt slightly surreal that it actually happened. Niall was such a gentleman; he was sweet, kind, funny, nice, smart, handsome and perfect. Even if I tried my hardest, I couldn’t find a flaw.

“Earth to Amelia!” Meredith waved her hand in front of me and I snapped my head over to her. She was smiling like her usual crazy self, her eyes sparkling as she begged for details.

“Begin when he picked you up!” Mattie suggested and I nodded. They all scooted closer in their seats, anxious to hear every single detail.

“Well, at first I thought that he wasn’t going to show. He was a couple minutes late, but that was because there was a crowd of girls outside. So he picked me up around the back and we went to see the Avengers-”

“So you basically love him now?” Meredith asked and looked around at the other girls for support. “Come on! She may prefer the Justice League as we all know, but it’s still a superhero movie!”

“Yeah, he must have gotten a lot of bonus points for that.” Janessa laughed and I smiled. They were right- it definitely got him a whole bunch of brownie points.

“So he took me to the cinema and we watched the movie with a few snacks and it was amazing!”

“Maybe that has to do with the fact that you had a hottie sitting next to you.” Meredith muttered and I did my best to hold back a laugh. Mattie leaned over and smacked her on the arm.

“You want to hear the story? No talking!” She pressed her fingers to Meredith’s lips and Meredith crossed her eyes with a quizzical look, trying to see Mattie’s finger. Meredith’s face looked absolutely hysterical and we all cracked up, clutching our sides.

Meredith, laughing along with us, nodded and we collected our cool. With my mind slightly off topic, I looked outside the window that showed the streets of London and saw that it was getting quite dark.

“When did you order the pizza?” I asked, turning to Mattie because I had no doubt in my mind that she was the one who ordered it. It is almost like a tradition- Mattie always knows who wants what and she is always the one who orders and pays for it. Another reason why she’s Mother Mattie.

She looked down at her watch and frowned as she calculated the time. “About thirty minutes ago.” Mattie stood up and looked around for a second, obviously trying to find something. “Hold on, I’ve got to get my laptop.”

Janessa pointed over to the kitchen. “You took it in there when you ordered the pizza.”

“Ah,” Mattie snapped her fingers and pointed to Janessa, smiling appreciatively. “That’s right- I took it in there to look at their website. Good job, Janessa!” She gave the little brunette a high five and skipped off into the kitchen, bringing back her little laptop seconds later.

Mattie set it down on the coffee table and Ariel scooted around so that everyone could see the screen. As the computer woke up, we all waited patiently.

“So…” Meredith clucked her tongue. “Why did you get your computer?”

“They have this new tracking system of sorts where you can see what’s happening with your pizza- if it’s been made, cooked, how far away it is from your house. It’s actually really cool, if you think about it.”

“And if you think about it more,” Ariel spoke up. “You will realize how lazy it is allowing people to get.”

We lapsed into another moment of silence as we watched Mattie’s laptop come to life; all of us thinking of the words of wisdom from Ariel. When you got past her crazy and spontaneous outside, you realize how smart and amazing person she is in addition. Ariel really is an amazing person- always giving helpful tips and helping people when she can.

Mattie clicked on a few buttons and a website came up for the pizza delivery place. She typed in her email and other information and was brought to a big countdown.

“Alright, there you have it. It’s being delivered now and should be here in four minutes.” Mattie concluded, closing her laptop and pushing it over to the other side of the table.

“Can we please continue with Amelia’s date, PLEASE?!” Janessa laughed and I smiled. She always got really excited during a good story. Whenever we would watch a film together, you could always see Janessa in the corner of your eye smiling and fidgeting, wishing that the film would end sooner so that she could know the whole story. But then, once the film was over, she would want to watch it all over again so that she can use her learned knowledge to put the puzzle together before the characters did. She was an odd one, that Janessa.

But because my friends were weird- that’s why I loved them. No matter what I did, they would always be there for me. Through thick and thin, we would always be the best of friends.

“Okay,” I sat up and slapped my hands on my bare knees as I continued the story. “So, we went out to the film, which was amazing, and yes- partly due to the fact that Niall was there next to me.” Meredith chuckled and I gave her a cheeky grin.

“After that, we had to sort of look for his car because we couldn’t remember where he’d parked it. Eventually I found it, and we drove to Nando’s.” I raised my hands, smiling, to stop any oncoming fangirling. “Yes, I know, Niall freaking Horan from One freaking Direction took me to freaking Nando’s. And let me tell you- it was one of the best meals of my life. We talked about our lives, our families, what we wanted to do in the future. It was just perfect.”

“And to top it off, I bet the food was pretty good.” Meredith shrugged and laughed.

“Well, yeah.” I raised my shoulders and laughed along. “That was a bonus, too.”

“Okay, carry on! What did you do after you ate?” Ariel pressured me and I took a deep breath, smiling.

“We talked about Doctor Who.” I grinned and looked down at my lap, playing with my nails.

Meredith and Mattie gasped and then started squealing loudly.

“Amelia- don’t mess this up! This boy is a keeper! I swear you guys were made for each other! If you don’t take him, I will!” Meredith grabbed my hands and I laughed, looking up at her.

“What did I say? What did I say? Amiall is totally ship-able!” Mattie looked over at Ariel and Janessa. “Come on, guys! Ship it with me!”

“Don’t worry; we’d be stupid not to ship it! Also, I ship Zariel.” Ariel proclaimed and I snorted.

“I ship Lattie!” Mattie stated.

“And Jarry!” Janessa chirped.

“And Mouis!” Meredith added, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Amiall?! Zariel, Lattie, Jarry and Mouis?! You guys are mad!” I giggled and Ariel gaped at me.

“This will all happen one day! Just you wait and see- you will fall more in love with Niall and he’ll introduce the boys to you, you’ll introduce them to us, and they will all fall for us as we already have for them.” Ariel crossed her arms as if she’s already planned this whole thing out in her head.

I raised my hands in defeat. “Alright! If you think it’ll happen, I believe you! Ariel, love, you have more willpower than everyone I know put together.”

“Why thank you, honey bun!” Ariel put on a horrible American accent and I cringed slightly.

“Is that how I sound to you guys?” I braced myself for the truth. Because Ryan was so young when we moved here, he has picked up a lot of words and lingo, but I was older when we came here.

“Don’t worry,” Janessa comforted me. “You don’t sound that unbearable.”

“Hey! I don’t sound unbearable!” Ariel protested and Janessa laughed at her sassiness.

Before anything serious could happen, there was a quiet buzzing noise and Mattie jumped up from the couch. “Alright, no fighting; the pizza’s downstairs in the lobby and I need to go down and pay for it. Meredith- you’re in charge.”

Meredith fist pumped and Ariel groaned. “Why is she in charge?!”

“Because you and Janessa are mucking about and aren’t paying attention and Amelia’s too far in la-la land to know what’s going on. Meredith is the most logical choice.” She paused, her hand in her purse as she fished for her wallet. “And that is the only time you will probably hear me say that.”

“What are you trying to say?” Meredith stood up, hands on her hips playfully.

“Oh, nothing,” Mattie smile sweetly and walked out of the flat to get our food.

Meredith plopped down on the couch again, looking over at Ariel and Janessa as they played around. Then I could see her turn her gaze to me, but I hardly noticed.

“Amelia!” She snapped her fingers in front of me, making me jump slightly.

“Yeah?” I blinked a few times, trying to clear my head. Mattie was right; I was in la-la land at the moment.

“Let me guess what you were thinking about just then… is it a particular Irish man who happens to be a spectacular singer and has amazing blue eyes? Name might just happen to rhyme with Kyle?”

“Maybe,” I blushed. “How’d you guess?”

“I remember you had that exact look on your face when you first saw him on the X Factor. I knew deep down that you were always going to end up with him.” Meredith leaned back in the couch and smiled proudly.

“Now how did you figure that out?” I asked her jokingly and she smirked. “Can you see the future?”

She cracked her fingers like they do in the thug films and brushed off her shoulders. “Just one of my many talents.”

“You’re so weird, Meredith.” I laughed and fell back into the couch, closing my eyes and smiling to myself.

“You’re weird, too.” Meredith stated matter-of-factly. “We’re just one, big, weird family.”



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