Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


24. Mystery Girl Revealed


I closed the door behind me, a wide smile still on my face. He was perfect. I looked up to see Janessa standing there sheepishly, her hands behind her back.

"How long..?" I asked her.

"I may or may not have heard that entire conversation." She grinned and I sighed.

"No privacy," I muttered under my breath and Janessa clapped excitedly, apparently not hearing my complaint.

"We've got only a day until your date with Niall! We have to get you ready!"

I paused. "What are planning to do to me that would take a whole day to get ready? I was just going to wear a dress and maybe you could my hair and makeup."

She laughed, acting like I was joking. "We're going shopping! You need to look absolutely perfect, Amelia!"

"Alrighty." I agreed hesitantly. "It'll be just us?"

"They're not coming out any time soon, I don't think.” She nodded towards the hallway. “I've brought them each lunch, so they'll be fine. Though when we come back home, Meredith will have probably eaten all of our ice cream."

The smiles and giggles were gone now. We really were concerned for the girls; I tried to forget that I was probably going to join them in the mourn-fest when Niall actually left for the tour in a week.

"Come on." Janessa tucked her hand under my elbow and led me outside, grabbing her purse on the way out the door.


We were walking down the street, seemly defeated after a long afternoon of shopping to no avail, when Janessa stopped in front of a store window.

"Oh, my god." She gasped, her eyes locked on one of the manikins. She pointed to the one dressed in red. "It's gorgeous!"

"Yeah," I crossed my arms. "For a shirt. There's no way that will keep me warm- it's almost December!"

She swatted me gently and dragged me into the shop. "It'll be fine! We'll give you some cute accessories; oh I can just imagine it now!"

I craned my head to the window as I was brought inside, looking at the dress. Janessa was right- it was gorgeous. It was an odd color, not yet red, not yet orange. It was a beautiful and perfect mixture of the two. It was cinched at the waist, with a plunging neckline all the way down to the waist belt. What would have been exposed chest was covered in a sort of mesh lace, the same color as the dress. It was sleeveless, and it went down to just above the manikin's knee. I loved it.

Janessa seemed to have spotted the dress on one of the racks, because she dragged me over to the back corner where it was skillfully hidden. She picked my size with surprising skill and spun around, her eyes roaming the store. Janessa squealed with delight and ran to the opposite wall, not bothering to drag me behind anymore.

I watched with glee as she continued to grab clothing items here and there from all around the store. After a few minutes, she returned to where I was standing next to the dressing rooms.

"Put this on!" She shoved the clothes towards me, forcing me into a dressing room. "I can't wait to see what it looks like!"

I hold back a giggle and close the door behind me. I only take a glance at what she's given me before I strip off my clothes and change.

I looked stunning- it was better than anything I’d ever be able to put together myself. I spun around, looking at the outfit from all angles. I was wearing the same dress that was on the manikin, along with a white blazer, black tights and white high heels with a red sole that went perfectly with the dress. I held my breath and walked out to where Janessa was waiting.

When she saw me, she froze. Her mouth opened slightly and she shook her head.

“You’re going to knock him dead.”


I closed the door behind me, breathless from an amazing night- not to mention the perfect kiss that ended it. Janessa was sitting on the couch, accompanied by Meredith, sharing a tub of ice cream between them.

“How was it?” Meredith looked over at me, her eyes slightly red around the rims.

“Amazing…” I smiled. “Magical. Wonderful. Just everything that I could have ever wanted.”

I sat down next to them, taking off my jacket and kicking off my shoes. I sighed, slowly coming off my high from being around Niall. I looked over at Janessa, who was smiling. But it was an odd smile- almost forced. She was hiding something. Meredith was less subtle; she huffed loudly and shoved a huge spoonful of ice cream into her mouth.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Well,” Janessa looked carefully over at Meredith, who sighed again. “About an hour after you left… Louis came over.”

I held my breath. Obviously things didn’t go well.

“No- his name isn’t Louis. It’s asshole.” Meredith snapped and moved the laptop, which had been on the coffee table, onto her lap.

I raised my eyebrows and turned to Janessa. “And?”

“Louis-” she began, but Meredith cut her off.


“Meredith, I will not call him that! He did nothing wrong!” Janessa looked at her sternly before she continued to tell me the story. “Louis came over to apologize to Meredith, and she screamed at him! But he just stood there and took it; he didn’t argue or yell back. I think he really meant the apology and I think Meredith should have accepted it.”

“It’s good to want things, Janessa.” Meredith mumbled. “It’s healthy.”

Janessa shook her head, completely giving up on lecturing Meredith. “Did you have fun on your date?”

I nodded enthusiastically. “It was amazing! I’m actually surprised no one’s demanded that I spill every detail.”

“No need,” Meredith turned the laptop screen to face me. “It’s all over the internet. We’ve basically been stalking you two for the whole night.”

Janessa reached over, clicking through different links that were pulled up on the many tabs that were opened. “Look! You’re everywhere!”

As she showed me the many pages, I caught a few headlines.

Who Is The Mystery Girl, Niall?

Niall Horan, Of One Direction, Seen On A Very Public Date!

A Dinner, A Stroll, A Beautiful Pier- Oh My! The Scoop On What Happened!

Past of Niall Horan’s Girlfriend, Amelia McCarthy, Is Revealed!

I looked closely at the last page, at the reporter claiming that they had dug up my ‘scandalous’ past. I stopped Janessa’s hand from showing me another tab, staring at the article.

Amelia McCarthy, aged eighteen, has recently been spotted out on a very public date with Niall Horan of One Direction. Niall, who turned nineteen in September, has reportedly been dating Amelia secretly since the beginning of November. The couple was acting quite close as they caught a movie, dinner and a late night stroll on the beach.

While bystanders said that Niall looked absolutely smitten with Amelia, some One Direction fans online are questioning her motives and if she is really invested in the relationship. Our reporters here at SugarScape have decided to dig up this mystery girl’s past for all you Directioners! What we found will not make you happy.

When Amelia was seven, she moved here from America- after her dad left them for another family he had on the side! We were not able to contact anyone in the family, but we got some exclusive interviews with some of her school mates- looks like Niall’s found himself a loner!

“Amelia didn’t have friends; really it was just her and four other girls and that was it. She was smart and kinda pretty but she never made an effort to get to know anyone else. A bit of a freak actually.” Says Kyle Hussar, who was in the same year as Amelia.

Does this mean she’s got daddy issues? Niall- run while you can!

Click the link below to take a look at exclusive pictures of the date!

I quickly slammed the laptop shut, startling Janessa and Meredith. I would have started screaming and complaining about the world if it were not for my phone vibrating incessantly in my lap. Picking it up, I saw it was Niall calling me.

“Hey,” I smiled as I answered the phone, ignoring the goofy smiles from Meredith and Janessa. “I had a great time tonight.”

“Me too, Amelia.” I could almost see Niall’s grin in my mind as he talked. “It was amazing. Can’t wait to do it again.”

“You have no idea how much I agree with you.” I sighed, butterflies inhabiting my stomach.

“Well, I called to- one, let you know how absolutely beautiful you looked tonight, and two, remind you not to go looking at any articles about us. They’re all nasty people trying to make their way to the top by stepping on us.”

I nodded, and then realized that he couldn’t see me. “Thanks,” I took a deep breath. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Niall paused. “You’ve already ready something, haven’t you?”


“Shit,” Niall groaned. “I’m really sorry, Amelia. I never wanted you to go through this.”

“I’m fine, really.” I looked up at the girls as they watched me intently. Sensing my need for privacy, they got up and went to their respective bedrooms, leaving me alone in the living room.

“Alright- let’s not talk about it anymore, agreed?”


We did just that; talking for the rest of the night, we talked of anything but the paps and reporters and the general public.

As the clock above the television neared two in the morning, I felt my eyelids growing heavy and the constant yawns were harder to contain.

“Goodnight, love.” Niall whispered, noticing my late and tired responses. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight.” I replied, using the last of my energy. I fell over on the couch, still fully clothed, and fell asleep.


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