Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


25. Love You


The last week went by too quickly.

I saw Niall every waking moment, and Harry and Liam were frequent visitors to our flat. As I had predicted, Meredith and Ariel were still holding out, though I could sense their barriers dropping. Liam or Harry would mention an art project Zayn was working on, or how Louis was constantly listening to The Head and The Heart on full blast in his flat, and they couldn’t help but smile to themselves. I could tell that Meredith and Ariel would finally give in to Louis and Zayn’s incessant phone calls and texts some time soon.

We had two days left with the boys until they left for tour- well, one and a half now. It was after dinner and we had all just gorged ourselves full on Harry’s and Niall’s join effort on spaghetti bolognas. It was delicious, but I was almost sure that I saw Mattie go into the kitchen to help them. That girl was an amazing cook, and an even better baker.

Niall and I were now in my room, having changed into our pajamas and about to watch some tellie before going to sleep. It had become a routine for us now; we would spend all day together, eat a large meal with all the girls, Harry and Liam, watch a few shows and then go to bed together. Since Niall has been staying over every night for the past week, he’s basically moved in. Well, temporarily moved in on a very minor scale. He had brought some clothes over to change into and other little things like his wallet, phone charger and toothbrush. I was too tired now for whining and moaning about it and trying to resist it from happening. I accepted it and all that was left to do now was try to keep my relationship with Niall intact while he was gone.

I climbed into bed in a pair of fleece pants and a tank top, my long hair pulled up in a messy bun. Niall was just wearing a pair of boxer shorts which still made me blush whenever I saw him.

He grabbed the remote and switched on the tellie. It was a show about how pencils were made and he immediately went to change it to something else.

We sat in silence, my eyes slowly growing heavy after a long day. We had gone out grocery shopping which was always a struggle and then went to see the Hobbit- which was amazing. Mattie, Liam, Janessa and Harry had gone out on a double date to some fancy restaurant leave Niall and me with the two Ms. Moppy Pants’.

It was late in the afternoon, which made me wonder where the lovebirds had gone off to.

“They’ll be back soon.” Niall reassured me, though I hadn’t even asked. He scooted closer to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I smiled to myself at this gesture and turned slightly so my head was resting on his bare chest.

Then, just as I opened my mouth to speak, I could hear the distant echo of the front door opening. Silence followed, though I could hear heavy footsteps.

“Told you so,” Niall whispered in my ear and I laughed quietly. I looked up at him to see that he was looking at me as well. Two more days left. I gave him a kiss and turned back to the show. There was giggling in the hallway and lot of bumping against walls. I had no idea what they were doing out there and I don’t think I really want to know.

“What the hell are they doing out there? Wrestling?”

I struggled to stifle a laugh. “They bloody might well be. You never know with Mattie and Janessa. Daredevils- troublemakers- I tell you.”

“Sounds about right,” Niall nodded and we turned back to the programme about pencils that was still droning on.

Minutes later I fell asleep in his arms and it felt like seconds passed until I awoke the next day.


I was alone in my bed and groaned. I vaguely remembered Niall mentioning an interview scheduled for this morning. It was going to take up his whole morning.

I got up and walked down the hall to where the girls were making breakfast. The clock read just past ten o’clock, which meant that the interview had already started.

“Ah, Amelia!” Mattie smiled up at me from the table. “Turn on the interview while you’re near the remotes, will you?”

I nodded and soon the five boy’s faces filled the screen. I could hear everyone come out of the kitchen to watch.

“So, boys,” the male interviewer smiled, as if a joke had just been told. “I’m going to ask the question that has been on every girl’s mind since you arrived here at our studios.”

The live audience went wild, screaming and professing their love to a boy. I grimaced- this was the first time Niall would come out and actually say that we were dating. I don’t really know why I was nervous; I just was.

I noticeably saw Ariel and Meredith shuffle nervously beside me. Maybe they were scared that Zayn and Louis had found someone else in the weeks apart.

My attention drew to Niall as he blushed. He was closest to the interviewers and was going to be the first to answer.

“So, which one of you is taken?” the woman interviewer asked, flipping her strawberry blond hair over her shoulder and flashing a fake smile to mime enthusiasm.

Niall nodded and raised a hand. “I have a girlfriend. Her name is Amelia and she’s absolutely amazing.”

My heart skipped a beat as Niall’s cheeks burned brighter as the camera zoomed in on him. The man interviewer smiled and turned to the other boys. “Anyone else?”

To my surprise, all four other boys raised their hands. I gasped loudly, not even trying to hide my shock. I turned the Ariel and Meredith who were smiling at the ground.

“Oh my god!” I stepped towards them. “When did this happen?! I thought you were shunning them!”

Meredith shrugged. “They both came over last night and apologized. We accepted.”

 “Didn’t Niall tell you?” Janessa asked me. “Mattie and I knew- Harry and Liam told us. They’re horrible at keeping secrets.”

“No, he didn’t. But then again, it was probably a good thing. I wouldn’t have been able to keep it from Meredith and Ariel.” I smiled at Niall on the screen. “He’s a smart one.”

The audience was still shrieking their heads off as the boy’s lowered their hands. They each went on saying who they were dating.

“Her name’s Ariel.” Zayn smirked. “She’s really cool.”

“Like the mermaid?”

He chuckled. “She’s a bit feistier.”

“What about you, Harry? Who’s the girl of the week?”

Harry jokingly looked shocked at the last comment. “She’s more than the girl of the week. Her name’s Janessa and I plan on keeping this one for as long as she allows.”

“You should see them together,” Niall chimed in. “They could just talk for years nonstop.”

“Erm, I’m with Mattie.” Liam smiled. “She’s a real sweetheart.”

The crowd awed.

“And what about you, Louis? Managed to find a girl who’s as crazy as you?”

“Oh my,” Louis teased. “Meredith’s even stranger than I am! But I love her to bits.”

“I need to be resuscitated.” Meredith fell over the back on the couch and onto the floor. “I’m dead right now. Done with the world.”

“Shhh!” Mattie swatted at Meredith who was still lying behind us. All of our eyes were glued to the screen.

“Well, it sounds like you’re all very happy! We both wish you well and hope you have a great upcoming Christmas!”

The interviewers went on about the next celebrities being interviewed and the boys left the stage. We all stayed in silence as the tellie switched off. A phone rang in the distance and I recognized it as my own. I jumped up and ran to it, answering it before it hit the fourth ring.


“Hi, beautiful.” Niall’s voice warmed me. “I assume you were watching? I know it was a bit early but I hoped…”

“Of course I was watching, silly.” I smiled at the kitchen floor, my toes scrunching up because of the cold tile. “How could I miss it?”

“I’m glad. Makes me feel a little less self-conscious for some reason.” He paused. “Would you like to go out to dinner with me? One last proper date before I leave. We’ll only have tonight and till lunch time tomorrow.”

“I would love to! Is it a surprise or may I ask where we’re going?”

Niall thought about it. “Surprise. But it will be fun. You won’t have to go far, either.”

“Hmmmm,” I looked over to the living room and saw the girls quickly turn back around. “Alright then. It’s a date.”

“I’ll come over at eight?”

“Sounds perfect.” I began thinking of the outfit I was going to wear; it was fancy and close to home. There wasn’t much around here to do.

“Love you,” Niall said. “Bye.”


I stayed where I was, the phone pressed to my ear. I heard the phone go dead as Niall hung up, but I just didn’t move.

He said he loved me. Granted, he said it in a very casual way- but he said it. I shouldn’t be as shocked as I am. I already knew I loved him. I hadn’t wanted to admit it to myself because things were moving so fast, but I knew deep down that I loved him. And now I know that he loves me.

All those days I had spent, sitting in my old room, staring at the poster across from my bed, I had dreamed of a moment like this. It seemed so long ago, but in reality it had only been just over a month. Time had flown by.

Hopefully time was a gracious in the next couple of hours, because I couldn’t wait to see him again.



AN: There's only a few chapters left + an epilogue (I'd hate to leave you all hanging!)... What do you guys think will happen next??

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