Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


20. Ice Cream

Arms wrapped around me from behind and I could already tell who it was.

“Hello, gorgeous,” his Irish accent clinging to his words. “What are you doing it here?”

I closed the fridge door and turned around to face Niall, his arms still around me. “Looking for some ice cream.”

“That’s my girl,” he smirked proudly, but suddenly blushed madly. My mouth gaped open and I smiled.

“Your girl?” I said in a joking tone and he smiled again.

“Well, if you want,”

I leaned forward and kissed him gently to show that to be with him was all I wanted. We pulled apart and smiled at each other. There were definitely sparks.

I rested up against the counter, Niall moving with me with his hands linked behind my back.

“So, ice cream,” Niall smirked and stepped closer. “We should get some before anyone else notices we’re out.”

I turned around to look at the lounge where they all were. They were absentmindedly eating whatever food was left, and if was getting quite late.

Before looking back to Niall, I glanced at the clock for the time. “I don’t think they even notice that it’s almost midnight.”

“Should we go?” Niall sighed and I joined in. I would hate for them to leave now- we were actually becoming friends. My dreams were coming true. I needed to buy some more time, even if it was for only a few more hours.

“Well,” I wrapped my arms around his neck so we were in a tight embrace. “We still need to get that ice cream, don’t we?”

Niall let out a quite laugh and nodded. “How right you are, love.” He kissed me on the cheek and stepped away, raising his arm to let me go ahead first.

“What a true, Irish gentleman,” I grabbed his hand and we walked out of the flat without another sound.


 We walked out of the lift and into the lobby. It was almost completely deserted and I let out a sigh of relief. I had only met Niall and the other boys- I didn’t want death threats from fans. I didn’t even know if I would be with Niall for much longer.

“Thank god,” he took a deep breath as he looked outside at the constant pedestrians outside. There wasn’t a sign of a fan; I was surprised, actually. I would have thought that they had trackers on the boys or something and knew their every step… sounded like something Meredith would do.

Niall turned to me and looked up and down at my outfit. “Are you going to be warm enough?”

I looked down as well and groaned internally. He was right- I was only wearing a thin shirt and denim jeans. I had thrown on a pair of white converse at the last moment, and I had no idea whose they were. And then I looked at Niall, who was wearing just a white shirt and jeans as well.

“Should we go back up and get some jackets?” I asked him and he shrugged and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“If we run, we’ll warm up.” Niall smirked and nodded towards the front entrance of the lobby.

“You want to run to the shops?” It was getting dark out and he would probably outrun me, leaving me behind in the crowd. “Niall, I’m not the most athletic.”

“Babe, don’t worry. My only exercise is jumping around on stage and walking to get some food.” He pulled me forward and removed his arm from my shoulders, walking a few steps ahead of me. He turned to face me as he continued to walk. “And if you’re not up for running, I can just carry you.”

“You think you could carry-”

Before I could laugh off his idea, Niall stopped me right in front of the door. He put his back to me and bent over.

“Up you get, Amelia.” He waved his arms, beckoning me to jump on his back.

“You would not be able to carry me- I’m too heavy!” I protested, trying to change the topic.

“You like, what? One hundred pounds? You’re as small as a stick; I’ve carried Paul on my back before.” Niall continued to wait for me in that ridiculous position and I sighed.

“Okay… ready?” It was now or never.

“Come on!”

“One, two,” I took a deep breath. It would be awfully embarrassing to jump on his back and he collapsed to the floor.

“Three!” Niall cheered, noticing my hesitation.

I let a shriek and ran towards him, jumping up. Luckily, he was ready for me and soon he was standing up straight. His strong hands felt sturdy beneath my thighs and I leaned against him. I trusted Niall. He wouldn’t let me fall.

He hopped a little to put me higher up on his back and laughed. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Alright, that was kinda fun.” I gave in and rested my chin on his shoulder. I don’t think I’ve ever been more comfortable in my entire life.

“Now that that’s done, where’s the shop where we can get ice cream?” Niall craned his neck around to the best of his ability.

“Onwards!” I cheered and pointed to the right, where the closest sweets shop was.

“Your wish is my command, milady.” Niall played along and we walked outside into the cold and dark night.


The bell rang as we walked inside of the shop. It was much brighter than outside, but not much warmer.

“They need air conditioning in here- it’s November!” Niall headed to the back of the shop where the frozen stuff was and I followed, laughing.

“Niall, air conditioning makes it cooler, like for in the summer. What they need is a heater.” I stopped next to him, gazing over the wide selection of treats. It was peaceful in here, only the sound of soft whispers off in the opposite corner of the store.

“Oh, right.” He smiled and I playfully bumped into him with my hip. Niall looked down at me and I tried to stay still, but I let out a shiver. He wrapped an arm around me and rubbed me, trying to warm me up. I leaned my head against him and moved closer as we continued to look over the wide variety. There was the ring of someone either entering and leaving, and nothing else followed.

“I think we should get birthday cake ice cream, double chocolate fudge, raspberry swirl, and napoleon and cookie dough ice cream.” I opened the glass door and pulled out each carton, one at a time. Niall took them from my arms and followed me to the register, which on the opposite side of the shop.

The middle-aged man behind the counter gave us a small, forced smile before beginning to scan our items.

We stood there for a few seconds of silence before the cashier finished totaling the bill, and I could see Niall out of the corner of my eye reaching to his back pocket for his wallet. I would pay him back as soon as we got back to the flat- I didn’t want him to think, even for a second, that I was just hanging out with him for his fame and money. I genuinely liked him as a person, not because of his title.

“That’ll be thirty pounds, and we don’t take card.”

Niall nodded and pulled out his wallet, as expected, and paid the man in full. I picked up one of the bags and Niall took the other; we turned to leave the store and I waved behind me.

“Have a good night,” I said to the man and Niall took my free hand in his.

“Good luck out there,” he replied and I almost stopped in my tracks.

What did he mean by ‘good luck’? I didn’t understand, and I don’t like not understanding. I kept walking, my eyebrows scrunched in confusion and deep thought. I really wanted to know what he meant. Was it just generic advice, from someone who had gone through life to someone who was just starting it? I don’t know why, but I felt like that wasn’t it.

We reached the front of the store, and my eyes wouldn’t adjust to the darkness outside. Niall continued forward, so I did as well. The bell rang as he held the door open.

There was a flash of bright light and I suddenly felt dozens of people push up against me. Too close- way too close.

Another flash of bright light.

And another.

And another.

“Niall, who is this mystery girl?”

“Is she being paid?”

“Are you two dating?”

“What about Demi?”

“Are you going to have a child, Niall?”

“Ma’am, what is your name?”

“Where are you from?”

“Who are you?”

“Who are you?”

“Who are you?”

I could hardly hold back the tears. It was just like the concert. Too many people too close. I could hardly contain myself. I clutched on to Niall beside me as he pushed out of the crowd. His arm never left my shoulder. The shopping bag slipped out of my hand.

People shoved me.

Screamed at me.

Poked me like an animal.

Bright lights flashed and I kept my head low, the only thing comforting was Niall’s ever-constant presence.

I felt dizzy. This was not good. Not good. Not good. 

Get away from me.

Leave me alone.


Just let me go.


I started to cry as we continued to make our way out of the mob. My head was pounding and my heart was beating so fast, it was as if it wasn’t beating at all.

The bright lights burned my eyes and my vision was gone.

My chest grew tight.

I couldn’t breathe.

Just let me go.

“What the fuck?! Amelia! Move your asses, people! Amelia! Where are you?!”

“MEREDITH!” I screamed, searching desperately for my best friend in this endless crowd. “Meredith!”

“Niall, where are you?” I heard someone else yell over the roar, maybe Louis? “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! Damn it, can’t you see what you’re doing to her?!”

“Niall,” I uttered one last word before everything went dark.

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