Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


11. I Like That About You

I heard the rhythmic tapping of feet running through the hallways, the sound echoing off every wall. I looked up from my lap, hastily wiping the salty moisture from my cheeks. I tried to keep my composure as the stranger neared; I didn’t want anyone’s pity.

I played it out in my head- a crew member was going to walk by, barely notice me, and keep on their way. Then, I would try to get out of this maze and return home with my dreams crushed and my dignity shattered. If I ever saw those boys again, I had no idea what would happen.

The footsteps neared, and they didn’t show any signs of slowing down. My plan was going accordingly so far.

I could hear panting as they came closer, and I froze, trying to sink into the wall.

I let out a moan when I saw the one boy I did not want to see right now. He turned to me, with those bright blue eyes, and a look of concern crossed his face. He walked towards me, and I could see him trying to catch his breath from running.

I turned away from him, ashamed. I wiped away the makeup that smeared my cheeks, but in the process no doubt taking away all of my makeup. I took a shaky breath, and turned to face him.

So, here I stood, bare faced with red and swollen eyes, looking my celebrity crush straight in the eyes.

“You forgot this.” Niall stated, pulling out something from his pocket.

I gasped and rudely snatched my phone away, but I couldn’t help it. “Did you look at my wallpaper?” I cringed, hoping the answer was no.

He guiltily looked at his feet, and I groaned loudly, smacking my palm to my forehead.

“I didn’t mean to!” He protested in his annoyingly adorable Irish accent. “There was a text.”

I quickly unlocked my phone and checked my messages.


From: Mother Mattie

We’ve gone home- please text us as soon as you get this! Worried sick! Love you and hope you’re okay xx


Smiling, I locked my phone and stuck it in the pocket of my dress, where it had fallen out of earlier. I look up at the blond boy. “Thank you for returning this to me. I greatly appreciate it.” I reach out to shake his hand, which he kindly returns.

He shoves his hands in his front pockets, moving to the side so that I can leave. I give him a slight nod of my head and walk past him.

“Shit.” I whisper when I get to the end of the hall, seeing three different directions I could go. I turn back to Niall, who is about five feet away from me now. “Um, how do I get out?”

Chuckling, he points to the left, which is the opposite way he came from. “Just take that left, go straight ahead and you’ll see the exit at the end of the hall.”

Thanking him again, I turn left and begin walking down the hall. I’m doing an odd strut because of these heels, so I stop and take them off. I continue quickly towards the exit now, which I can see in bright neon letters ahead.

Today was not a good day.

I go to a One Direction concert- I get claustrophobic. I go outside to get some air- I pass out. I meet Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction- I run out of the room, crying. Niall Horan comes running after me- I shake his hand and leave. Was the whole world against me today? Could nothing good happen today?

I push my way out of the heavy, black door, not bothering to look back. He probably thought that I was a freak, or a crazy person. What miniscule chance I had with him was erased.

I walk up to the street and whistle for a taxi; luckily, one comes quickly. I could hardly wait for when I arrived home and could binge on ice cream and watch sad movies.

“Where to, miss?” The driver asked me, and I give him the address for the building. He whistled. “That’s a nice place. You’re very fortunate to live there.” I see him smiling warmly at me from the rear view mirror, and I smile back at him. He was an old man, with a plaid, button down shirt and a cap on; I could see that the cab has been well taken care of and cleaned.

“Yes, I am.” I agreed with him, and we lapsed into a fit of silence as he drove me home.

About fifteen minutes away, I see my pocket light up and my phone vibrate.


From: copine fou

WHERE YOU AT?! :( Mattie’s about to call the cops and Janessa won’t come out of her room!


I have a mini heart attack when I remembered that I hadn’t responded to Mattie and they had no idea where I was. I typed in a quick message to let Meredith know that I hadn’t gotten kidnapped or murdered.


To: copine fou

How’s Ariel?


From: copine fou



To: copine fou

Long story- I’ll tell you when I get home.

I was about to lock my screen again when I got a text from an unknown number.


From: Unknown Number

It was nice meeting you, nameless fan, even though most of the time you were passed out. I took advantage of the fact that you have no pass code on your phone and got your number- I hope that’s okay. I was actually wondering if you like to do something together… movie? Lunch? –Niall xx


I was shocked. Why did NIALL HORAN, a member of one of the most famous bands of all time, just text me- someone who he didn’t even know the name of? Why had he even bothered to get my number?


To: Unknown Number

May I ask why? –nameless fan


From: Unknown Number

There’s something different about you. You were in our dressing room, yet you ran away. Any other fan would have jumped on us and begged for an autograph. I like that about you.


I smiled, my eyes not daring to leave the screen.

Today was a good day after all.


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