Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


31. Epilogue


Sometimes, life is bad. It kicks you when you’re down. But other times, life is good. It allows you to survive and live a long and happy life with the people you love. And there’s always that one moment in your life when nothing is going your way and you just feel like you’re life isn’t worth living. But it is. And I’m the freaking poster child.

A few months after the accident, I was released. I was back to full health, besides my voice. That was long gone, but Niall and all our friends helped me realize that I didn’t need to be able to speak to let people know that I loved them. I didn’t need to scream it to the world- I just had to sign it to the people who were my world. And I was lucky to be surrounded by people who cared for me; they even learned how to sign- which was a struggle for most. Harry and Liam were the worst, while Louis had an unnatural gift with it. I was fastest, but I think that was because I had to. You know, sometimes I would go to the grocery store with Harry and Niall when I was still too afraid to go out alone in public, and they would talk about other people at the shop. The best thing was that they sometimes got the spelling or words wrong. Even though I couldn’t talk, I could still be happy.

Then, after we all passed the 20-year-old mark, Mattie and Liam invited us over to their house for an announcement. Niall and I had no idea what it was, but I think Meredith did. That’s when they revealed that Mattie was pregnant. That’s when it all really began. Those few words- “Guys, I’m pregnant!”- seemed to jumpstart something in everyone, boys and girls alike. Within another six years we were all married, some with kids already, some on the way and others just waiting for the right time. Personally, Niall and I were in no rush.

As was customary, nine months after Mattie and Liam’s surprise, they were blessed with triplet boys, whom they named Matthew, Nicholas and Jonathan- Matt, Nick and John for short. They were the sweetest kids in the creation of the Earth, with crazy chocolate brown hair and an insane sweet tooth. Mattie and Liam held a traditional wedding when the boys were two years old, each of them waddling down the aisle with Mattie’s four bridesmaids.  

The next after the arrival of the ‘Three Musketeers’, as we loved to call them, was Tia. Harry and Janessa married a few months after the boys were born, followed closely by an announcement of their own. It was no surprise really- the way that Harry acted with Janessa, we were all surprised it didn’t come sooner. Tia was beautiful as soon as she was born, and her hair grew the quickest I’d ever seen. It was brown and curly, though whether it came from Janessa or Harry nobody knew. Her lips were full and her eyes wide, which were a few traits that reappeared four years later when Luke was born. The chubby cheeks on that boy- they were to die for. And his laugh was purely angelic.

The next of us to switch to the domestic lifestyle were Ariel and Zayn. Though when I say domestic, I don’t mean in the normal sense. With vacations to resorts every other weekends and junk food at the drop of a hat, their life was nothing but a party. Though with this life, Fynn and Catcher were the furthest from spoiled as anything. They were kind, caring, sweet, smart, and very, very silly. Always playing tricks but quick to apologize, they were the two little daredevils that brought smiles wherever they went. Though one year apart, those two were as thick as thieves.

As I said before, life can be a little rough sometimes. It can be generous, but it likes to even the playing fields. So as everyone was living happily ever after in happily married lives, Louis and Meredith were harboring a secret from all of us. They were young, Louis then at 27 and Meredith 26, but were faced with problems they shouldn’t have had to face. They didn’t tell anyone, thinking that it would go away or it was just a dream. Finally, after the many years of trying, they told us the truth. Meredith was unable to conceive. They’d tried everything, apparently, but nothing fixed it. It was hard on all of us, but nothing compared to what they felt. Meredith was maternal, underneath all of her silliness. She wanted a child, and so did Louis. Then, eight months later, they were approved for adoption. I don’t think I’d ever seen her happier. It only took another one month to find a girl they loved and another to bring her into their new home in the suburbs. Her name was Laurie and she was seven- a bit shy at first, though that was mainly because she had been brought into such a large and crazy family, but she opened up quickly. Though, who wouldn’t after spending night and day with her parents? Needless to say, soon she was an exact replica of her mother and father.

Then it comes to my life with Niall. While we were in no rush, Ethan just sort of happened. He wasn’t planned, but I guess I couldn’t really say he was an accident. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I slammed my fists to the wall, as I did whenever I needed Niall and he was at the other side of the house, and he came running. When he saw the test, he did the screaming for the both of us. Until I knew I was going to have a child, I was hesitant. But once I knew- well, it was like I realized how much I wanted that baby. Ethan- that’s the name Niall chose and I loved it as soon as I heard it. He was as beautiful as his father. Blonde hair from me, but his bright blue eyes a copy of Niall’s. Ethan looked at everything with such wonder, as if he was trying to figure out the meaning of the world and the treasures it held.

I’m 36 now. Ethan is 9 years old and a spitting image of his father. The Three Musketeers are 15, and Laurie is off at Uni- just having celebrated her 19th birthday. Tia is 14 and growing more beautiful every day; Luke’s just turned 10 and at the moment convinced that he’s going to become a scientist when he’s older. This reminded me of Janessa when we were in school and she took two advanced science classes at the same time- she loved it though. And then there’s Catcher at 13 and Fynn at 12- they’re blowing things up constantly with their father and playing tricks on London whenever they’re let out. Released is probably a better word for it, and half the time their parents are in on it as well.

So that’s my life. Half of it, at least. There’s plenty more to go, and a lot more memories to make. But what I have experienced has been pretty damn amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.




October, 2013- Amelia meets Niall

January, 2014- Amelia's accident

April, 2015- Matt, Nick and John are born

June, 2015- Harry and Janessa are married

February, 2016- Tia is born

December, 2016- Louis and Meredith are married

July, 2017- Liam and Mattie are married

August, 2017- Catcher is born

October, 2017- Zayn and Ariel are married

March, 2018- Laurie comes home

September, 2018- Niall and Amelia are married

November, 2018- Fynn is born

October, 2020- Luke is born

July, 2021- Ethan is born


That's it! The end of Tonight's Cloudy Sky! What did you guys think? Was there anything you would have changed? Who was your favorite? Least? Favorite moment? I want to hear it all!

Thank you all for being so patient with me as I updated and giving some awesome feedback! I love you all and it's greatly appreciated. 

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