Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


30. Couple Of The Year


Panic gripped me. I exhausted myself trying to scream, my eyes watering. I wasn’t able to make a single sound come out.

I no longer cared about the tubes and wires connected to me. I reached up, my fingers cautiously looking for the cause of my distress. Monitors beeped and I was slowly beginning to feel a pain in my neck. It was annoying- a little scratching feeling at the back of my throat- but then it grew stronger and stronger. Tears stung my eyes, not from fear, but from the pure agony. The monitors continued to beep and I could hear the pounding of footsteps down the hall and the yell of doctors- something about morphine.

The pain was unbearable. The door to my room flung open and many people in white coats ran towards me, surrounding my bed.

I knew I would be put back under soon; I could almost feel them pumping more morphine back into my blood stream. I grew sluggish. In the last few seconds I had, I moved my hand to one last spot. My throat. They tried to stop me, and I could see the fear in their own eyes.

There was a bandage, wet with blood, wrapped tightly around my neck.

I passed out.


“Amelia? Amelia?”

Sound slowly reached my ears, though the voice was distant and echoed. I tried to groan to let whoever was in the room know I was waking up, but I couldn’t.

“Amelia, please wake up.” The voice was clearer- closer. “Amelia, I need you.”

I slipped back into the empty abyss. I couldn’t control it. Niall’s comforting voice vanished.


I awoke again, the click of the door bringing me back to consciousness.

I looked over, my heart leaping when I saw Niall. I don’t think he realized that I was awake; his eyes were on the floor, puffy and red. In his hands was a book.

I wanted to beg for Niall to explain, but, alas, I couldn’t really ask him. He grabbed a chair and dragged it over to the side of my bed. I was growing impatient. Look at me! I weakly banged my wrist on the bed railing, his head immediately snapping up to me.

“You’re awake.” There was a mixture of emotions in his voice- sadness and relief. Maybe even dread.

I pointed to my throat where the bandage remained. What’s happening? I mouthed.

His reaction made me want to sob. He just stared at me, his eyes not leaving mine. He wasn’t telling me. I raised my eyebrow, trying to get him to say it out loud. It was too quiet in here and I knew in my heart that there was nothing I could do to change that anymore. Tears stained my cheeks.

What’s happening?!

Niall wiped his nose, clearing his throat. He turned to the little table beside me, picking up something that was rested on top of it. He placed it on my lap and I saw it was a magazine. I didn’t want to see what the cover story was; I wanted Niall to tell me- not some reporter.

He seemed to notice this and he let out a little laugh. I don’t know it was because he was nervous, or even sad, but I didn’t think to question it. He took the magazine and opened it up to read the article.

“They’re calling us the couple of the year,” he sneered and read me the article title. “A Boy with Killer Pipes and a Girl Who Doesn’t Have Any.” He let another laugh. “Incredible, isn’t it? You become mute and they think it’ll be funny to make us couple of the year because of it!”

So this was it. I was a mute. I would no longer be able to talk. I couldn’t sing, couldn’t laugh, couldn’t scream, and couldn’t say I love you.

I turned away from him, becoming entranced by the rain sliding down the window.  I didn’t pay attention to Niall, or any of the doctor’s that came in to check on me. I nodded when they asked me questions and that was it. They said something about being healthy, though they never mentioned my voice. I was unplugged from most of the machines, allowing my hands to move. But it made no difference to me; I wasn’t planning on going anywhere for a long, long time.

Time passed slowly in this sterile prison, a large clock on the opposite wall taunting me. Even if I could speak, I wouldn’t. I didn’t want to accept this. It wasn’t my fault. I did nothing to deserve this.

I didn’t realize that I was crying until my eye shifted and I saw how cloudy everything was. I blink them away and wiped my face with the back of my hands.

I reached over to Niall, placing a gentle hand on top of his own which he had laced through his hair. He jumped slightly at my touch and looked up at me.

“I’m sorry, Amelia. I shouldn’t be the one breaking down right now.” He sighed and glanced out the window at tonight’s cloudy sky- a perfect reflection of both of our moods. “And that was not the right way of breaking it to you. God, the doctors said to ease into it.”

I leaned back, my hand instinctively going to my throat. The bandage was replaced with a new one, and it didn’t feel as fragile to my touch as it had before. I didn’t know what to do. I was completely and utterly lost.

I cried quietly, placing my hand back to my side. I didn’t want this.

“You were shopping.”

I looked over at Niall through clouded eyes. He was still looking out the window.

“You were shopping with the girls when it happened. Apparently it was your first night out of the flat after we left on tour. It was supposed to be fun.” Niall’s voice caught and he cleared his throat. “Someone shot you, Amelia. It’s a miracle you survived, too! Right in the neck, the bullet was an inch away from your spine.” He took a shaky breath and sighed before continuing. “You lost your vocal chords. Completely gone. No chance of getting them back.”

I covered my mouth as I cried, though there were no sounds to escape anyways. They were gone. I couldn’t even heal. It all began to really hit me.

“Amelia, you’ll never be able to speak again.”

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