Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


16. Boring?

I woke up with my phone flashing on my bedside table, beeping repeatedly. I quickly jumped over and turned it off before it woke anyone else. I held my breath to listen to the quiet flat, hoping that everyone was still asleep. I exhaled when all I could hear was the calm streets outside.

No light poured in through my windows as it was only six in the morning. My plan was to wake up early, do what I had woken up to do, and then sneak back inside and go to sleep like I had never left.

I lifted up my duvet and slid off of my bed; the cold air struck my bare legs and I shivered. Tip toeing over to my closet, I snatched some trackies off of the floor and pulled them on quickly. I had to be careful about this. I didn’t want anyone talking me out of it- it wasn’t necessarily dangerous or bad for me, but they would say that I didn’t have to do it. But I did.

I ran down the hallway past all the bedrooms, trying to be silent. I knew Ariel and Meredith were long gone, but Janessa and Mattie weren’t as heavy sleepers. I made it into the lounge and widened my eyes, trying to find my purse. Time was ticking and I have to be back upstairs by the time they woke up.

I found my purse on the breakfast counter and stuck my hand in, digging around for my wallet. I grabbed it finally after a few tedious seconds of desperation. Clutching it in my hand, I ran quickly to the front door and unlocked it, holding my breath as the locks clicked open. With that over, I opened the door slowly and slipped out before I got caught.

The hallway was dimly lit and I could hear the distant sound of cars outside. The carpeted floors were soft under my feet, and I cursed myself for forgetting shoes- the concrete outside was not going to be as welcoming as the floors inside the building.

I reached the lift, clicked the button and looked up and down the hall, feeling quite like a spy on a secret mission. The door dinged open and I walked in, immediately spinning around and pressing the Lobby. It lit up and the elevator shifted as it started lowering me down. It stopped seconds later and the doors slid open to reveal the extravagant Lobby. There were a few people around, mostly employees and tired businessmen.

I walked out, my bare feet slapping against the marble floor. Nobody gave me a second glance, probably because they recognized me from the week that I’ve been living here. You tend to get noticed when you’re in a group of five loud girls that are always coming in and out of the building.

I made it outside, the harsh temperatures making me do a little dance to warm myself up. It was the beginning of November and England was definitely getting colder. Well, colder than it usually is.

I turned to the right and saw the ‘target’ of my ‘mission’- the ATM machine. Ever since I had realized how much my mum had left me, I knew that I would have to pay her back. I could give her half back now and still be set for a while at the rate the girls were treating me. They didn’t let me pay for anything.

I hobbled over, my freezing cold pavement nipping at my toes. At least I had been smart enough to wear cotton trackies, not shorts. Goosebumps were raised on my skin everywhere and I could see my breath as I huddled in front of the ATM.

I opened my wallet and pulled my card out, sticking it into the slot. I smiled as I imagined the tone in mum’s voice when she called me later, asking how and why there was so much money in her account. We would argue over it for a bit, but then I would convince her that it was alright, and then ask her to get Ryan anything he wanted. He was such a trooper; he never asked for anything except the necessities, and even then he was hesitant. It was impossible to have a more perfect brother.

The ATM woke up after a few seconds and the screen lit up. I flinched away from the sudden change and slowly peaked back at the screen as my eyes adjusted.

               ‘Would You Like To Make A Withdrawal, Deposit, Or Transfer Money?’

I selected the last option and anxiously waited for the ATM to respond.

               ‘Please Enter Your Pin Number And The Account You Would Like To Transfer To.’

I typed in my pin number and pressed enter, leading me to another keypad. I typed in my mum’s pin number which I had memorized from many grocery trips when I had to feed Ryan while she was working.

               ‘How Much Money Would You Like To Transfer?”

I knew I had roughly £95,000, and I tried to work out how much half of that would be. I wasn’t the best at maths. I gave up and just figured that £50,000 sounded about right. It was surely enough to allow mum to quit her two jobs and take the time to find a proper job. With all that, they could move somewhere better, fill up a pantry, get new clothes, and be able to live without worrying. They were going to have a normal life now.

I typed in the amount I wanted to transfer and pressed Enter. I had no regrets- I wanted to do this. I felt it was foolish for mum to have saved all that money up for me when she could have put good use to it. Needless to say, I have an amazing mum.

               ‘You Now Have £45,114.83. Would You Like To Withdraw Or Deposit Any Money?’

I selected ‘No’ and smiled at the tiny screen. Everything had changed so much since my birthday a week ago. I was living in London with my four best friends, my family was well secured financially, and I went on a date with Niall. If anyone had asked me a month ago what I wanted to happen in my life, I would say exactly this.

My life was literally perfect.


I rushed back inside the building, desperately trying to warm myself up. The warmth of the Lobby was amazing and I rushed back over to the lift. Outside was becoming lighter as the day began and I knew I had to hurry to get back to the flat before everyone woke up.

“Come on, come on, come on!” I ushered the lift as it slowly rose up. It dinged and the doors slid open when it reached my floor. I sighed in relief- I might just make it.

Sprinting down the hall with my wallet clutched tightly in my hand, my feet softly thudded on the carpeted floor. I found our flat and opened the unlocked door quietly. It felt silly, hiding this from them. But I didn’t want them to know.

The flat was dark and I couldn’t hear anyone moving around. Taking a sigh of relief, I placed my wallet back on the counter and sat down on a barstool. The pantry light was on, dimly illuminating the room.

My heart beat was slowing down back to normal and I realized that I had done it without getting caught. It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if someone saw me, but I still felt like I had to do it without being seen. Weird, I know.

“Why are your feet so dirty?”

I jumped in my seat, turning around. Meredith was leaning against the wall, her arms crossed and her eyebrows scrunched together. She was wearing a baggy shirt with the Union Jack on it and her usual pajama pants with sheep on them.

I racked my brain to try and make up a convincing lie. “I went for a walk.”

“You went for a walk…” Meredith stepped forward. “Without any shoes?”

“Yup,” I nodded and held my breath, hoping that she would believe me. I didn’t want her asking questions.

Meredith shrugged and dropped her arms, shuffling into the kitchen. “Whatever floats your boat, I guess.”

I took a sigh of relief and spun back around to face her as she pulled out a frying pan and some ingredients from the fridge.

“Are you going to cook breakfast?” I laughed and she gave me a scowl, being ever the morning person.

“Yes, I am. If you want any, you better be nice.” She placed some eggs and sausage on the island that vacated the middle of the kitchen and turned back to the stove. I could hear the clicks of the pilot light being ignited and she started preparing breakfast. I was a bit surprised, as Meredith never made breakfast herself; whenever we spent the night at her house, her parents cooked for us, and since we’ve lived here she hasn’t cook anything.

“Alright, alright,” I smiled and raised my hands in surrender. I slid off the stool and drummed my fingers on the countertop. “Well, I’m going to go get showered and dressed for the day. Is anyone else up yet?”

“Nope. Just you and me so far.” Meredith answered, her back still facing me. I nodded, even though she couldn’t see me, and walked down the hallway. Everyone’s doors were still closed as expected, but I could hear shuffling inside, signifying that everyone was waking up.

I made it into my bedroom and looked down at my feet. They were dirty as Meredith had pointed out but at least they had warmed up. Locking the door behind me, I pulled off my shirt and hurried into my bathroom where I turned on the shower.

Taking off the rest of my clothes, I stepped into the hot water. I took my time showering- I loved to just stand there as the hot water fell over me. Time felt like it was passing slowly, but once I was finished and stepped out, I could hear the clinking of plates and the girls laughing in the kitchen.

Scurrying out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped securely around me, I went into my closet to get dressed. My long, blond hair was sticking to my face and back and I shook it to try and get it away.

Running my hand over the rack of clothes, I quickly grabbed a simple blue dress with a thin, brown waist belt. Setting it down on the floor, I flicked my hair over and pulled it up into a ponytail so that it didn’t bother me anymore.

I got dressed as fast as I could and applied a bit of makeup- just a swipe of light pink shadow and some mascara. My hair was drying in the ponytail and my natural waves were forming.

I left my room and neared the laughter of the girls. They were all surrounding the island, fully dressed for the day, eating the breakfast that Meredith prepared.

“Hey!” Mattie smiled, fidgeting with her hair that was partly pulled up with a large bow, and motioned over to the stove. She had on a loose, blue plaid shirt and simple black jeans. “There’s a plate over there for you.”

“How it taste?” I asked the girls as I picked up my plate, teasing Meredith.

“Hey!” Meredith protested, tugging at the bottom of the baggy, stripped sweater she had changed in to. She had also traded in her sheep pajamas for some distressed jeans.  

“Don’t worry- its good!” Janessa laughed and gave Meredith a side hug to reassure her. She was wearing a pink, lace top, white skinnies and a turquoise necklace- her brown hair was pulled back into an intricate bun.

I took a bite out of the fried egg and nodded. “Not bad, Spatula.”

“Why thank you, Dave.”

I continued to eat and the only sounds around was the scraping of utensils against plates. It seemed that Meredith had a hidden talent for cooking.

We all finished breakfast, placing the dirty plates in the sink for someone to clean later.

“So what are we doing today?” Ariel asked, pulling her black hair over one shoulder. She had on the most ridiculous, yet coolest, outfit ever. She had on a pair of black and tan patterned leggings and a bright red silk blouse with a tan stripe at the top- totally crazy and totally Ariel.

“I don’t know.” Mattie frowned and leaned against the counter.

“Shopping?” Meredith suggested.

“We’ve shopped enough.” I replied, thinking about how I had just sent away fifty thousand pounds this morning. How would they react if they knew? Would they even find out?

“Cinema?” Janessa added.

“There’s nothing much to see.” Meredith sighed and lifted herself up on the counter.

“Avengers!” I shouted, clapping my hands together.

“I don’t know,” Ariel shrugged. “I’ve already seen that twice. Let’s think of something else.”

“Maybe Amelia could introduce us to a certain someone?” Meredith nonchalantly asked as she played with her nails. I sighed loudly- I knew this would happen.

“How about we go out to a nice little café for lunch?” I ignored Meredith’s comment and gave another idea. Hopefully no one else paid attention to her last contribution.

“Fine,” Meredith agreed. “But let’s do something after that. Scary movie marathon? I don’t feel like really doing anything today.”

“Aright, who wants to go out for lunch and then hold a scary movie marathon?” Mattie asked us, raising her own hand.

Meredith, Ariel and even Janessa nodded and raised their hands in agreement. Meredith nudged me and I groaned. I hated scary movies more than anything. Meredith pocked me again.

Regretfully, I raised my hand and Mattie cheered. “Okay! What movie?”

“Nothing too scary!” I begged and Meredith pulled out her phone, reminding me of yesterday morning when she was reading something on Twitter and wouldn’t tell us what it was. I knew that I should leave it alone, but I really wanted to know what she had read. Maybe I’ll ask her later.

She typed in a few things and I craned my neck to see that she was on the Imdb app. I groaned again when I saw what movie she was looking up.

“This looks good!” She grinned and looked up at us. “Alright, so Insidious-”

“Are you kidding me?!” Ariel yelled, throwing her hands up in the air.

“Let’s not watch that.” Mattie scrunched her eyebrows together and frowned.

“It’s PG-13, so it can’t be that scary!” Meredith retorted. “Come on, it’s a scary movie marathon for hamster’s sake!”

We all grumbled in return and nodded slightly. This was not going to be fun.

Meredith cheered and jumped down off the counter and skipped down to her room, probably to cruise tumblr or twitter until lunch time. Janessa went off to her room as well and Ariel and Mattie fell onto the couches in front of the tellie.

Today is going to be pretty uneventful, I thought.

If only that was true.  



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