Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


9. Blue Eyes

I could hear Mattie slowly making her way towards my room. She was opening everyone's doors and yelling at us to wake up.

I snuggled down farther under my duvet until only my eyes were peaking out. I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy what I knew were my last seconds in this comfortable bed.

"AMELIA!" Mattie ran into my room and pounced onto my bed. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WE NEED TO GET READY!" She jumped up and down, yanking the covers off of me. I opened one eye to see my smiling best friend leaning over me with a huge smile on her face. She was wearing a very vintage- and very hipster- navy blue dress with red stripes at the bottom, paired with tan lace-up shoes. Her hair was gracefully braided over her head and her makeup was minimalistic as usual.

I grinned back at her and sat up. Usually- if I'm woken up before I'm ready- I would have kicked Mattie out of my room. But since I was as excited as she was, I couldn't blame her.

I scrambled out of bed. "Mattie, what should I wear?!" I opened my closet and looked inside at all of my new clothes. I was about to go see my favorite band in the whole world, and I hadn't been smart enough to plan my outfit ahead of time. I looked over my shoulder at Mattie, panicking.

"Turquoise one- shoulder dress and nude wedges. Love, just because you weren't smart enough to plan your outfit doesn't mean I wasn't." She walked past me and into my closet, grabbing the dress and shoes.

"You're an absolute genius, you know that?" I stared in amazement at the perfect outfit in Mattie's hands. "How did you come up with this?"

She laughed. "I couldn't go to sleep last night so I had nothing better to do." Mattie gave me the clothes and skipped out of my room, probably to give the others the outfits she had planned for them. I grinned, realizing how totally blessed I am to have such awesome friends.

I stepped into the closet and closed the door behind me. I placed the shoes on the floor and the dress back onto the rack as I pulled off my pajamas. My heart was beating quickly, knowing that in a couple of hours I would be in que to go see One Direction.

After changing into a strapless bra, I gently took the dress down and put it on. Smoothing the skirt, I walked towards the mirror and examined my face. Being in the fantastic mood I was in, I decided not to critique myself this morning. Instead, I applied a little bit of brown eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, not wanting to look like someone who tried too hard.

As I turned around to walk out, it hit me.

What if I met them.

I had heard of several instances where the boys pulled girls up on stage, or went out to meet them in line. So what if I was one of those girls. I shut away the pessimistic part of me before I could start to doubt my dreams.

I continued to daydream as I fixed my hair. I didn't do much to it- just a bit of brushing and taming. Once I deemed myself beautiful, I bent over and grabbed the shoes from the floor and walked out of my room.

In Meredith's room, I heard arguing.

"Mattie, I am not going to wear a dress to a concert!"

"But you will look amazing!"


I heard a door open and Mattie groaned.

"Meredith, please!"

"I wanna be comfortable!"

"Ugh, fine!" Mattie gave up and storms out of Meredith's room and into Ariel's. I could make out Mattie now ordering Ariel to get up and get dressed and I smiled, continuing down the hallway. It was funny how Mattie could change from a lovable crazy person to the mother of us all.

I saw Janessa silently twirling around the kitchen, but something was different about her. I hurried over to her, tossing my shoes onto the couch on the way. I could see Janessa over the breakfast counter as I made my way to the door.

She noticed me looking and smiled, raising her arms and twirling. "What do you think? Too much?" Janessa was wearing a tan, flow-y dress, gold bracelets, and her hair was loosely done up with a bright pink headband.

I gave her a thumbs up. "You look absolutely stunning! Except..." I motioned to all of her. "Why do you seem different?"

"It might be these bad boys." Janessa giggled and pointed up to her shoes. There were the same bright pink as her headband, and at least 4 inches tall.

"That's right!" I exclaimed, running towards her. "You're taller!" I stood next her and measured our height difference with my hand.

Janessa laughed and was about to respond when Ariel walked in, silencing us immediately.

She looked absolutely gorgeous.

She had a white tank on, with a champagne skirt that was shorter at the front. And then, being the amazing Ariel that she is, she paired it with black bracelets and combat boots. Oh, how I love this girl.

Ariel did a twirl in the middle of the living room for us and I walked out of the kitchen to get a better look.

"Oh my goodness, Ariel! You look perfect!" I gave her a hug and she laughed with glee.

"I'm glad you approve!" She leaned in to whisper in my ear. "But Mattie wanted me to wear these ridiculous blue high heels. I changed shoes when she left."

We joked around together and Mattie came out of the hallway. She looked annoyed, but she put on a smile for us. Soon after, Meredith arrived.

"What are you wearing that for? Why are you so dressed up! I don't get it!" She motioned down to what she was wearing; she was clad in a peach tank and flower shorts that showed a bit of her mid-drift, on her feet were a pair of comfortable vans. "Now this- this is suitable for a concert. What are you guys thinking?!" Meredith plopped herself down onto the couch and huffed, crossing her arms.

Then, she spotted my heels on the seat next to her. She grabbed them and waved them at us. "What? Why?" She threw her head back and moaned. "I don't understaaaaaand!"

"Little miss sassy pants over here." I mumble as I snatch my shoes from her and lean against Ariel to put them on. Luckily, they had inserts so it felt like walking on clouds. I straightened up and we all looked at each other; well, except for Meredith, who was now on her phone, probably tweeting.

"Are we gonna eat? I'm hungry." Ariel states, breaking the silence.

Mattie, ever the planner, answers. "We're gonna pick up some food on the way there. So, if you haven't yet, brush your teeth now! We can just bring some gum for after breakfast."

We all make a mad dash for our separate bathrooms, while Mattie stays in the living room, having already done everything she required. Janessa and I laughed at each other as we tried to run fast down to our rooms in high heels, but all we achieved was an odd shuffle. It was only 10:30 in the morning and I could tell we were going to have some amazing memories from today.

After we all finished betting ready, we left the apartment building and got to our car, that was conveniently parked right out front. We piled into Mattie's Cadillac Escalade, Mattie driving and Ariel in the passenger's, leaving Meredith, Janessa and I in the middle. Janessa, who was between Meredith and I, couldn't stop tapping her feet and fidgeting with the hem of her dress.

"What's wrong?" I finally ask her after we finished eating. We had decided to go to McDonald's, which was a bit difficult for Ariel, since she was a vegetarian.

Janessa smiled at me. "Oh, nothing. I'm just really excited!"

This began a conversation of what we were most excited about and how lucky we were to finally be given the chance to see the boys in concert. As the girls talked, I stared out of the window, slightly uncomfortable by the small amount of space in the car. I shuffled as far over to the right to get more space, but I still felt... bad. I couldn't explain it; I haven't had this sensation many times before. But when I was in this small of a space, I had the great need to get away.

My thoughts were interrupted by the loud laughter of Meredith and Ariel. I had no idea what they were cracking up about, but Janessa was blushing and Mattie had a smirk on her face. I then joined in with the conversation, acting as if my mind had never wandered off.

A conjoined and heavy silence filled the car as we near the concert arena. For twenty minutes, we sat quietly; the only sound was the hum of the car and the instructions from the GPS.

We hit heavy traffic a few minutes out, and the GPS kept repeating the same directions.

"Shut up, Lariam!" Meredith yelled at the GPS, whom we had dubbed Lariam (Larry & Niam), and reached forward to turn it off.

We sat, not so patiently, in the car as we made our way into the car park. Once we stopped the car, we all jumped out. Mattie handed out our tickets and we linked arms as to not get separated. My chest was tight and my heart was beating a million miles per hour. I looked down at the other girls either side of me and I saw that they were as speechless as I was. I looked around at the strangers that had also come to the concert, and they were all screaming their heads off.

We must have looked pretty odd- a chain of older, mute teenagers, dressed up for a One Direction concert.

We reach the line into the arena and we have difficulty staying together. At one moment, someone shoved Janessa, who was at the end of our chain. Meredith noticed and told the stranger off; I could see the anger in Meredith's eyes when she saw that someone had pushed Janessa and Janessa had just taken it, not wanting to be a bother. Meredith was like the protector of all of us- if we were hurt, Sassy Meredith would be unleashed and hell would rain down.

We moved Janessa so she was in the middle of the chain, between Mattie and I, and Meredith and Ariel were at the ends. Standing in line for a couple of hours, we would have random bursts of conversation, and then die back down into silence, only giving each other excited glances.

We all had different ways of dealing with the excitement. Janessa would play with her clothes and get quiet. Mattie would keep asking us all how we were and tell us facts that seemed completely unrelated, but she would make seem that they were important things to know. Ariel kept making up dances and keep telling herself jokes, so when she starting cracking up, we had no idea what she was doing. And Meredith, for some reason, kept humming Ed Sheeran songs.

Time probably would have gone by faster if we talked, but we were all speechless. So, as we could do nothing to change it, time ticked by slowly.

I thought about what I would do if I was to meet the boys personally. How would I react? Would I be loud and obnoxious? Or cool and collected? And, of course, my pessimistic side kept butting in.

With just my thoughts and I, time slowed down to a stop.

But, as it always does, whether you're having a good or bad moment, time quickly catches up to you.

"We're going in!" Mattie pulled me out of my trance, and I suddenly realize the loud cries of girls in front and behind us. I did a quick glance to see whereabouts we were in the line, and we were pretty far forward, considering what time we got here.

Slowly, but surely, we made our way into the arena. It was like a dream. We all kept our tight hold of one another as we were pushed into the large room by the desperate fans.

I became very uncomfortable, with every pushing up against me.

My heart started beating faster, almost leaping out of my chest. My airways constricted and my chest became tight. My eyes started tingling with tears as random people were pulling at me, desperate to get inside. Too many people- too close.

I looked, terrified, over at the other girls. Mattie was the first to see how scared I was. She yelled to the others over the loud screams, and they all turned to me. Ariel's grip on me tightened and we all made our way to the edge of the crowd.

I felt a sob climb out of my throat as I finally made my way out of the mob. Ariel was holding my hand and Janessa was wiping the tears away from my eyes. I could hear Meredith yelling at the fans to shut up and Mattie telling Meredith off for cussing.

I closed my eyes and tried to calm my breath, but the loud roar in the stadium and the constant pushing was making it difficult.

"Are you okay?" Ariel asked me, rubbing her hand over my back, and I quickly shook my head.

"I think there are too much people! We need to get her out of here!" Janessa yelled over the noise and I felt myself being guided towards the crowd.

I dug my heels down, furiously shaking my head. "Please no! I don't want to go back in the crowd!" I begged them, but they kept pushing me.

"It's the only way! I can see an exit ahead but we have to go in the crowd to get there!" Ariel yelled in my ear.

I gave her one last pleading look before I let them guide me into the rushing crowd. I kept their hands grasped in mine and I kept looking up to make sure we were still together.

I could see the bright red exit sign up ahead, and I started to feel relieved.

But then, my worst nightmare happened.

Ariel and Janessa were pulled away from me.

"NO!" I cried and tried to stop to find them, but they were gone and I was being dragged forward by the crowd. I looked around, panicking, trying to find a way out.

To my relief, I could still see the exit sign. I pushed my way through the crowd with all of my might and finally emerged, right in front of the door.

I stepped forward, my chance of salvation only steps away. Stumble towards the door, tears still pouring down my face, and my breath still cut short.

As I reach to push open the door, a man dressed in all black comes our of nowhere and stops me.

"You can't go out there at the moment, miss." He informs me.

"Please!" I cry. There was no doubt that I looked like a right mess. My hair was probably all over the place, my eye red and my make up running down my face. I was not a pretty crier. "I just want to get out of here!"

He looks at me and inspects me, as if to tell if I pose a threat to anyone. The man then nods, opening the door for me.

I step out into the alleyway, still crying my eyes out. I was in shock. I had never been in that kind of situation before. When I was in that crowd, with everyone pushing against me, all of those screams in my ear, I legitimately thought I was going to die. I thought that I would get pushed over and trampled, with no one around to save me.

I leaned against the brick wall and slid down, sobbing into my hands.

I felt I was lucky to be alive.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down, but I remained huddled on the floor. My heart slows down slightly as I take deep breaths, and I wipe away some of the make up on my cheeks.

A door in the distance opens and closes- one of the girls must have seen me leave and have come for me. I suddenly felt embarrassed for putting them through this. They had all been totally excited for this night, and I had to ruin it with my damn claustrophobia.

I heard someone walk towards and and place a hand on my back. I felt immediate relaxed and I looked up to see who it was. It was probably Ariel or Janessa, seeing as how they were the last ones with me.

But it was not Janessa or Ariel. Or Meredith or Mattie.

It was a boy.

With blond hair.

And blue eyes.

Niall Horan.


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