Face II


1. Phase II

Two paths...one me.

Living blind with the ability to see.

Feeling trapped..yet I'm free.

I need help!

Let me out!

Why is this happening to me?

Am I the sadist?

Or could I be the masochist?

Am I fixated on torment, loving the devils kiss?

But wait...

that can't be it..

I hate this life.

So many regrets..its too hard to forget.

But I must like it..right?

Cause if I didn't I would quit..right?

I would change, learn from my mistakes, clean up my act...learn to become sane..right?

But no,

I'm too vein.

The selfish, heartless, rage infested person I became is insane.

This is insane!

I'm torn into two.. always confused.. never following the rules.

this is clearly abuse.

But I must be amused..

I see all the signs, red flags all the time.

Yet I choose to be blind.

Blaming the world for my actions..

but its truly just an act...man.

the damage has been done.

Tears have been shed..

Hurtful words have been said.

Is this my fate?

Or am I already dead.
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