The group find themselves, yet again, in another sticky situation...
Hope you enjoy :D


2. Lucky or Unlucky?

“You’re lucky, we only had one space left.” She chimed running her hands through her gray hair. I doubt I was lucky, I think I was very unlucky. We turned a corner and stopped at a door, it looked new, well newer than all the others. At least I wouldn’t get a splinter from this door. She let me open the door and then pushed past me and into the room.


“Girls, this is our new resident.” She pushed me into view and I couldn’t believe it. “Emma!” the girls all shouted running over to me, covering me with hugs. “Hi guys, what you all doing here?” I looked, there was at least one friend from each school I’ve went to. “We were transferred, don’t know why. They say we were ‘troubled’” Morgan made a face.

“Well I will let you girls get settled in, if you need anything you just press this button here.” She pointed towards a yellow button beside the door then left, locking the door behind her.


I looked round, Michelle, Holly, Morgan, Natallia, Erin. They were all in the same place and I have met each of them at one point in time. “Ok... how long have you all been here?” Natallia shrugged. “All of us have arrived within two weeks. I arrived with Michelle.” Michelle nodded looking at her fuzzy slippers.


“So what do you know?” I asked, still unconvinced that they were all here. “Nothing, all we know is we get frequent injections and they ask us questions.” Holly shrugged like injections at a school were a normal thing. “What do you mean ‘Injections’?”  Morgan walked up to me and jabbed my arm. “Ahh, what was that for?” she smirked. “Injections.” She skipped back to her seat.


We sat and talked for about an hour before someone entered the room. A large man walked in with two girls swung over his shoulders, frantically kicking. “Let us down!” they both shouted. 

There was something familiar about the voices and when they were thrown on the bed I knew instantly who they were


“I WILL PHONE MY MOTHER AND HAVE YOU DONE FOR CHILD ABBUSE!!!” the door was slammed shut by the man, Frances still screaming her head off. “They won’t hear you.” Ashleigh spat out the words rubbing her arm. “You guys ok?” Morgan asked. “Yeah.” Frances swatted the air towards the door. “How many Ashleigh?” Natallia sat beside her. “Six.” She grunted. The girls let out a long whistle.


“Wait what am I missing?” I was confused, why were we all here? And why were Frances and Ashleigh dragged in kicking and screaming? “Hey Emma. What you doing here?” Frances hugged me closely followed by Ashleigh. “Same as you. Now what just happened?”  Ashleigh cursed rubbing her arm. “Well yesterday we were dragged away FOR NOTHING!!” Frances explained, but raised her voice trying to be heard by someone not in the room.


“I would hardly call punching a guard Nothing!” Holly sniggered. “Actually Ashleigh punched him.” Ashleigh nodded laughing to herself. “Yeah I punched him for coming at me with a needle, and kinda ran circles round him.” Ashleigh high fived Frances. “Yeah Frances decked him when he lifted me dragging me out the door, get your facts right.”

“Now that I believe.” I stated, making Ashleigh and Frances look full of pride. “What I have a MASSIVE fear of needles.” Ashleigh bit her nail, just the thought of needles made her anxious.


“All I know is they dragged you away yesterday morning and that you just back.” Holly lay on her back staring at the ceiling. “On the Brightside you gave that guard a cracker of a black eye, and he’s been walking funny since you kicked him Frances.” Erin tried to lighten the mood.

“I’m telling you this is NO home for the troubled.” Ashleigh inserted. “I mean look at my arm!” Ashleigh pulled up her jumper to reveal six straw sized circles, blistered and roaring red.

“Jeez!!” I examined her arm. “That’s no right.” She nodded rolling her sleeve down, Erin shook her head. “You’re going to love this. Next injection is in five minutes.”

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